Save Time with Library Objects in Lectora e-Learning Software

Library objects can save you time and make your e-Learning development go much smoother. Anything in your Lectora® title can be saved as a Library Object, including full chapters, pages, tests and even sets of functionality. A key benefit of Library Objects is the ability to reuse these elements in a future course. This saves you from constantly recreating the same function and helps with creating a consistent look and feel among your courses.

Creating a Library Object is simple.

    1. Select the object or objects that you want to save together as a Library Object.
    2. Right-click in your work area and select Save as Library Object.

Create a Library Object

  1. Rename the object and click OK.

Rename a Library Object

You have now created a new Library Object! It will be saved in the Library Objects folder of your Media Library.

Save Library Objects in Media Folder

Sharing Library Objects is quick and convenient.

You can share your Library Objects with colleagues, coworkers and online with the entire Lectora community. In addition, you can access other users’ Library Objects.

    1. Right click on a Library Object within your Media Library and select Share Online.

Sharing Library Objects is Quick and Easy

    1. The Share Library Object Online window opens. Select the Terms of Use check box and complete the fields:Select Category: Select the subcategory in which to place the Library Object.
      File Name: Specify the name of the Library Object file.
      Description: Specify a short description of the Library Object.
      Author: Specify the author.
      Keyword(s): Specify keywords to help people find the Library Object.

Share Library Objects Window

  1. Click Upload.

Your Library Object is now shared online!

To browse for and use a Library Object that has been shared online:

    1. Select the location in the Title Explorer to which you want to add a Library Object.
    2. Click the Stock Library side-tab.

Browse for a Shared Library Object

    1. Navigate to the Media Online subdirectory and select the Library Objects folder.

Media Online Subdirectory Window
You can search for Library Objects by category or keyword.

Search for Library Objects by Keyword

  1. Once you’ve made your selection, double-click or drag the Library Object onto your page.

As you can see, it’s easy to use Library Objects in your e-Learning course development. Library Objects offer you a lot of flexibility and can cut down on development time. For a more in-depth look at using Library Objects, check out our e-Learning webinar, Save Time with Library Objects.

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