6 Benefits of Synchronous Training for the Learner

Synchronous training is another name for real-time training or live training. The instructor and students meet online at a specified time and navigate through the same training materials at the same pace. Unlike asynchronous training, where people learn independently and at their own pace, synchronous training allows learners to communicate in real time and access course information instantly, no matter where they are located.

Check out these 6 benefits of synchronous training for learners:

  1. Synchronous training most closely mimics classroom training.
    This provides the closest possible online learning setting and structure to the traditional classroom, without any location constraints. Learners can easily access training in their homes or in the office.
  2. Learners feel more comfortable knowing their instructor is online.
    Even though the instructor is not in the same room, learners are able to interact with their instructor in real time. They can find confidence knowing that their instructor is online, and they’re not training on their own.
  3. Learners can interact with each other and build a community.
    In addition to having their instructor available, learners can communicate with each other while completing the same training course at the same time. A learning community provides support and allows learners to pick up tips, tricks and strategies from other people who are in the same situation.
  4. Learners get their questions answered immediately.
    Since synchronous training happens in real time, learners get immediate feedback and answers to questions, instead of having to wait hours or days for an email response.
  5. Instructor-guided training means that learners don’t have to provide all their own motivation.
    Learners aren’t expected to be self-motivated, especially when they’re learning unfamiliar material or if they encounter difficult subject matter. The instructor will help motivate the learners through the successful completion of the training course.
  6. Synchronous training increases productivity.
    It eliminates travel strain and excessive time away from home for learners. The training timeline is clearly defined, so learners stay productive throughout the course while completing the course from the comfort of their own location.

Now that you’ve learned some of the benefits of synchronous training for your learners, put it in action with your training! Lectora offers synchronous training for the Lectora Fundamentals and Intermediate training courses. Check out upcoming dates of training by visiting Lectora e-Learning software training and registering today!

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