Lectora Enterprise Edition Version 2006 SP 5

Lectora Enterprise Edition Version 2006 SP 5

Released on:
December 12, 2006
System requirements:
Lectora Enterprise Edition 2006 for Windows
Installation instructions:
1. Download the .exe file

2. Double-click the Setup.exe file

3. Follow the on-screen instructions

This Service Pack includes the following updates and fixes:

English (Download)

This Service Pack addresses the following:

  • Fix for auto save while publishing
  • Fix for XML import failure when importing content created in Lectora 2007

Service Pack 4 addressed the following:

  • Updated border images for text blocks to be more 508 compliant
  • Added change for Permission Denied error caused by MS06-042 IE update (KB918899)
  • Fixed page numbering being off in HTML when title contains multiple randomized tests
  • Fixed previous page action going to next page for first page in HTML for randomized test
  • Fixed issue with a tree view TOC referencing the wrong window when published to HTML
  • Fixed ModuleX Title Wizard buttons
  • Fixed issue using multiple backslash characters in question answers
  • Fixed issue with a test in pop up window with JavaScript TM
  • Fixed uninstall/unregister utility with proxy authentication

Service Pack 3 addressed the following:

  • Fix for Netscape Signed Applet
  • Fix GoTo Back course hang issue
  • Fix for Printing Framed Titles
  • Fix for “+” encoding in JavaScript Title Manager
  • Fix for unset variables submitted via JavaScript Title Manager
  • Fix for On Hide actions not being invoked when popup windows are closed
  • Fix for highlighted RTF text published to HTML
  • Fix for Preview In Browser of page with form submittal to email
  • Fix for Hide Question JavaScript error in Internet Explorer
  • Fix for user setting of CMI_Core_Exit to NULL
  • JavaScript TitleMgr fix for randomized tests and results display without TM frame
  • Fix for matching distractors on centered HTML pages
  • Fixes for delayed transitions with delayed action items
  • Fixes for Companion CDs to handle resized videos properly
  • Fixes for JavaScript form submissions
  • Fixes for IMS Manifest missing files and SCORM 2004 test conformance
  • Fixes for hard carriage returns in question answers
  • Added support for Publish to TRAIN

Service Pack 2 addressed the following:

  • Added Table Header designations feature for 508 compliance
  • OnSelect/change problem with radio buttons in groups/questions
  • Delayed onShow actions on objects with transitions
  • WMV video always shows video controller in HTML WMP plugin
  • Translation tool not exporting textboxes in a group, question text, and form labels
  • NETg publishing issues
  • Bookmarking in AICC titles with JavaScript TitleMgr
  • Embedded image issue when zooming
  • Import/export of questions with carriage returns in feedback

Service Pack 1 addressed the following:

  • Document objects not working properly in Netscape 4.X browsers
  • Non-delayed actions run before action group items
  • Moving objects when zoomed out
  • Square text bullets for small fonts
  • Navigation in feedback windows not working
  • Crash after spell check
  • Hyperlink to open destination in new window redirects current page
  • Scrolling of current page into view in TOC
  • Remove checks for Java plugin when publishing with JavaScript Title Manager
  • HTML published objects using transition in speeds for objects w/ transition outs

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