Lectora Online 4.3 Release Notes

Released on:
December 7, 2018

Supported Browsers:
Authoring: Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Published Content: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Lectora Online 4.3 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features

  • New Modern Course Templates
    Now from your Getting Started page, you can enjoy a whole new set of course templates with built-in navigation, interactive samples, page layouts, and instructions for use. Each focuses on different learning styles and common course types: basic linear navigation, non-linear navigation, audio and video, pre-test/final exam, and accessibility.
  • Updated Getting Started page
    The dashboard you see when you first log into Lectora Online has been redesigned to help you get started more quickly and easily. With direct access to the new template library as well as custom templates, you can begin creating courses in no time.
  • Updated Stock Button Library
    A new set of stock buttons are available. These buttons are also configurable – set the icon color, background color, and shape to match your course’s look and feel. The legacy stock buttons are available in the Legacy Buttons category in the new Stock Button dialog.
  • Easier access to the Live Model Gallery
    Access hundreds of characters and silhouettes directly from the Image drop-down or the Media Library.
  • Publish directly to HealthStream
    If enabled by your administrator, you can now publish courses directly to your HealthStream LMS.
  • Publish to cmi5
    Create and publish xAPI titles for any LMS that supports cmi5 standards.
  • Track Course Progress
    When publishing to xAPI or cmi5 you can now track course progress based on number of pages completed in the title. Alternatively, you can set your own progress for a title or an object using a custom xAPI statement and “progressed” verb.
  • Default Text Block Margin Size
    Text blocks now default to a margin size of 5 pixels, which can be adjusted in the Preferences Default tab.
  • Admin Ability to Change Username
    Admins can now change the username of a user
  • Closed Captioning Background Options
    You can now enable or disable the close caption background box. When disabled, you will see a translucent gray around the text. If enabled, you will be able to select the color and opacity of your choice.
  • Updated Support for Google Docs Submission
    Test and survey submission to Google Docs has been updated to support the new format.

Issues Fixed:

  • Application
    • Outdated Title Wizards have been sunset in the product. (LO-2662)
    • Manage Titles dialog enters a disabled state when multiple titles are selected. (LO-6241)
    • Switching between non-English languages may cause issues with the user interface. (LO-6178)
    • After Undo Checkout, further Checkouts don’t work correctly. (LO-6156)
    • Issues adding media to the Media Library in Firefox. (LO-6136)
  • Actions
    • Copying an action that utilizes variables renames the variables when the action is pasted. (LO-6187)
      The Set State action is enabled in a shared title even when not checked out. (LO-6055)
  • Media
    • The Add Captions dialog has not been been completely translated. (LO-6304)
  • Objects
    • Exporting and importing a button with a custom state causes an error. (LO-6227)
    • Menu object doesn’t handle overrides in a responsive title correctly. (LO-6242)
    • Button outlines for Over and Down states can be cut off when different from Normal state (LO-6214)
    • Error generated when changing Button color after setting texture property (LO-6229)
    • Copying and pasting a Button doesn’t retain the text scaling for tablet/mobile views. (LO-3682)
    • Text in Shapes and Buttons don’t scale correctly when an object is resized in tablet/mobile views. (LO-5481)
    • Style tab properties are enabled when a Button is not checked out in a shared title. (LO-6301)
    • Button colors for Over and Down states are incorrect if the Normal state color is set to transparent. (LO-6212)
  • Questions/Tests/Surveys/Forms
    • Question Editor choice and question text updates do not propagate if the text block has been formatted. (LO-6161)
    • Matching question’s right column items are not being randomized correctly after the question is imported via CSV. (LO-5446)
    • When a non-randomized test is missing a Process Test action, the application should provide a warning message. (LO-6084)
  • Publish
    • Running a published title inside an iframe generates JavaScript errors. (LO-6251)
    • A Table of Contents developed and published with Chrome is not working when viewed with Internet Explorer (LO-6151)
    • Drag and drop question are not working correctly in Internet Explorer 9 and 10. (LO-6237)
  • Text
    • Hyperlinks produce publish error “Action GoTo has an unresolved destination.” (LO-6149)
    • Unable to insert an embedded image into a text block when selecting from the Media Library or the Existing Title Resources drop down. (LO-4554)
    • Adding a HTML Text Type causes placement of text to change when published. (LO-6086)