Lectora 19

Lectora 19

Lectora Update and Maintenace Releases:

Released on:

June 2, 2020

Current Version:

Lectora 19 (12027)

Supported Browsers:   

Published content is cross-platform compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 and higher, or any recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge. 

New Features:

The primary new features of Lectora Online 19 include: 

  • Timeline: The new timeline feature will enable you to easily trigger and sync page events.
  • Screen Recorder and Video Editor: A new screen recorder and video editor can be accessed in the Tools Ribbon.
  • Course Starter Templates: Access a library of eLearning templates perfect for both new and advanced users directly from the Getting Starter Screen.
  • Custom Button States: Create a custom button state with a unique style and appearance, and use the Set State action to update a button’s state based on the learner’s behavior. 
  • Icon Library: Select the Icon button on the Insert ribbon to search from over 89,000 professional designed icons to add to your course.
  • Cutout People Characters: The Character object now gives you access to over 100,000 cutout characters with multiple poses and emotions. Select the Character button on the Insert ribbon to find and filter by category, emotion, gender, and more
  • Translation Tool XLIFF Support: The Translation Tool now supports the XLIFF format when importing or exporting translation files. 
  • CenarioVR Integration: Easily import a CenarioVR scenario that has been published to HTML5 by selecting CenarioVR from the Insert Ribbon. You can then trigger an On Done action when the scenario ends or is completed. You can also track the score (0-100), result (completed, passed, failed), and duration (number in seconds) using built-in variables: CenarioVR_WebWindow_Score, CenarioVR_WebWindow_Result, and CenarioVR_WebWindow_Duration.
  • Accessible Lightbox Pop-ups: Standard and custom lightbox pop-up windows now support WCAG and Section 508 requirements.
  • Accessible Custom Form Elements: Custom radio buttons and checkboxes now support WCAG and Section 508 requirements.
  • Text to Speech Sample Rate: Choose from various sampling rates to optimize bandwidth and audio quality.
  • Page Background Fills: Access a new set of stock background images.
  • Button Texture Fills:  Select from a new library of Textures as your Button’s Fill Style
  • Updated Desktop and Mobile Publish Sizing Options: More easily set sizing options for desktop or mobile devices. Enter a maximum width when choosing to “Scale the page to window width” so that the course does not scale past the Desktop size using the Limit scaling option.


Sunset Features:

Certain assets and functionality are not included in Lectora 19:

  • TechSmith Camtasia and Snagit
  • Flash object
  • Chart object
  • Export to QTI
  • Clip Art, Character Poses, Flash Activities, Music, Media Online
  • Templates Online, FasterCourse Templates


Issues Fixed: 

LD-7242: Text Buttons text does not size properly when switching device views

LD-7151: Text on buttons and shapes can be fuzzy/pixelated when zoomed in once published

LD-7069: Audio controller on titles with multiple auto-start audio files doesn’t update correctly

LD-7074: Ordered or Unordered (bullet) lists with sublists do not write HTML properly

LD-7054: Media Set Time action is missing variable macros support

LD-7170: Publishing to FTP can cause Lectora to unexpectedly close

LD-6974: Incorrect String Set is used on titles with published language settings

LD-7163: Issues with placement of course in iPhone XR

LD-7283: Translated strings do not show up in the text blocks

LD-7282: Title published with seamless play may close if languages are set during publish

LD-7177: Publishing unnecessarily repeats for form elements and most likely each view


Lectora 19.0.1

Released on:

June 3, 2020

Current Version:

Lectora 19.0.1 (12031)

Issues Fixed:

LD-7325: On Page Show not triggering Set Button State Action

LD-7327: Images on Text Buttons not showing for Non Responsive Title


Lectora 19.0.2

Released on:

June 22, 2020

Current Version:

Lectora 19.0.2 (12037)

Issues Fixed:

LD-7337: Text within callout shapes now stays inside the boundaries of the callout

LD-7346: Playfair course starter template updated

LD-7348: Fixed conflict between object display and select audio objects 

LD-7352: Usability update to page background wizard 

LD-7257: Updated support for courses with legacy Flash objects


Lectora 19.0.3

Released on:

July 16, 2020

Current Version:

Lectora 19.0.3 (12048)

Issues Fixed:

LD-7374: Pill and Bevel Buttons no longer disappear in run and preview

LD-7280: Button initial state is now displayed in build view

LD-7381: The show focus highlight (WCAG) is shown now for gif animations

LD-7386: Shapes with texture fills publish properly now and do not stretch


Service Pack Downloads:

If you have any questions or issues, please email support@trivantis.com or call +1 (866) 852-6700 for assistance.