Lectora Desktop 18.0.1 (Service Pack) — COPY

Lectora Desktop 18.0.1 (Service Pack)

Released on:
January 4, 2019

Current Version:
Lectora Inspire 18.0.1 (11563)
Lectora Publisher 18.0.1 (11562)

Supported Browsers:
Published content is cross-platform compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and newer, or any recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

NOTE: Auto-update will not update your version of Snagit. If you are encountering issues with Snagit 2019, you will need a custom install file. Contact Support for assistance.

Lectora Desktop 18.0.1 includes the following updates and fixes:

Issues Fixed:

LD-6766: Importing a Lectora Online pkg file with a new default button sets the background to transparent
LD-6764: SCORM IMS Manifest referenced metadata file is now named metadata.xml (title name caused issues)
LD-6762: Update to Snagit 2019.0.1 to resolve issues launching without a connected recording device
LD-6749: JavaScript error generated when running Basic Non-Linear template on ScormCloud
LD-6747: Issues with Mobile Content On IOS: Shaking screen, zooming, cut off screen
LD-6741: Accessibility template - focus indicators not displaying for objects in the Header (Next, Help, Exit)
LD-6736: SCORM - Student Responses with greater than 255 characters will get cut off in reports
LD-6723: Update Initial blank title to be Responsive
LD-6717: Rollover Video size is inconsistent between publish and builder
LD-6714: Mute action on page with inherited media does not work correctly
LD-6706: When creating a new title from a theme the "Loading" dialog flashes repeatedly
LD-6701: Number Entry question with feedback of "None" causes JavaScript error and prevents page from loading
LD-6698: Titles from v11 opened in v18 cause button to have filled background color
LD-6690: Using Browse My Media to add an image can accidentally allow user to select a button and cause issues
LD-6688: Randomized final test section is not submitting test successfully
LD-6685: Sync event timing for audio and video is not saving correctly
LD-6675: trivantis.js not using myTop causes JavaScript error
LD-6686: Breadcrumb not visible in Lectora in Edit mode when title is imported via Lectora Online package file
LD-6637: Font Shadow and Formatting Marks not being saved successfully
LD-6603: Focus indicators are not displaying correctly for objects