Lectora 18

Lectora Update and Maintenace Releases:


Released on:

October 30, 2018

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18 (11533)
Lectora Publisher 18 (11532) 

Supported Browsers:

Published content is cross-platform compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and newer, or any recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

New Features:

For Lectora 18 we are pleased to announce the following 14 major enhancements to the platform that not only update the appearance of the application, but also make it easier to use and offer a more contemporary and up-to-date approach when creating eLearning.

  • Updated Getting Started screen focusing on new, powerful templates to create inspired learning faster and easier.  New templates make getting started with Lectora easier and simplify finding a reference for building standardized course content in Lectora. These templates are focused on the following: basic linear navigation,  non-linear navigation, audio and video, to Pre-Test/Final Exam, accessibility, and interactive page samples. They provide an easy to use template that can be copied and modified according to the needs of the user.
  • Stock buttons have been improved to make them easier to use, and are showcased in the Buttons folder of the Stock Library. The new buttons are configurable, allowing the user to change the color and gradient behind a transparent button image.
  • Inspire includes Camtasia 2018 and Snagit 2019
  • Added ability to disable tablet or phone (landscape or portrait) views to simplify Responsive Course Design by allowing authors to focus only on the views they want to and allowing for normal scaling in the others.  When a view is disabled, publish content for that view will revert to its parent view.
  • Adding an HTML5-only publish option, since Flash is coming to an end of life. HTML5-only publishes exclude any Flash fallback elements so there are no issues importing into your LMS.
  • For non-responsive (traditional) titles,  the standard desktop view will be scaled in every browser regardless of the device as long as either of the two existing publish scaling options are checked.
  • Enabled the ability to view the waveform for audio files when synchronizing events
  • HTML objects now include their Title Explorer object name as text with the globe-placeholder image making them easier to identify
  • Allow limiting the number of drag items per drop zone
  • The product license key on the Getting Started screen is now selectable and can be copied and pasted into a Support ticket to ensure accuracy.
  • The option to “Add Submit Button” for a question to trigger feedback had been only available when the question was initially created. It is now available after the question has been created and can be added in the question editor


In addition, we have addressed a number of issues for accessibility, and wanted to highlight these improvements, as this is a key area of focus for us, as well as for many of you.

  • When “Use Web Accessibility Settings” is checked,  an option for focus color and width will now be enabled. They will be disabled when the option  of accessibility is unchecked
  • When “Use Web Accessibility Settings” is enabled, “Publish for Seamless Play” is now disabled, improving the ability for screen readers to recognize page changes.

Accessibility Issues Fixed:

LD-6401: JAWS will no longer read form objects twice on a page

LD-6387: Corrected an issue for 508 where sub-bulleted items were being read continuously, rather then than as list items

LD-5610: CSS can now be disabled to meet accessibility requirements

LD-5597: Text blocks without actions are no longer tabbable in published mode, which addresses an accessibility issue

LD-4699: The screen reader will no longer read objects that are not on the page

LD-6361: JAWS will now read lengthy text found on page one of titles

LD-6306: The user now has the ability to enable/disable closed captioning using the keyboard

LD-5439: Questions are no longer being read out of order for accessibility when there are multiple questions on a single page

LD-5170: Have addressed an accessibility issue with NVDA not reading buttons correctly

LD-4888: Added scope attribute to table headers for 508 accessibility

LD-947: Addressed the issue with accessibility where the tab order was always putting the focus on hyperlinks last

LD-6490: For WCAG titles, hyperlinks will now show the selection indicator

LD-4088: The import of a title from Lectora Online that has closed captions will no longer cause errors

LD-6459: Eliminated having to tab twice for shapes and actions for 508 titles

LD-6457: List boxes and drop lists are now showing focus indicators in IE for WCAG titles in SCORM publish

LD-6445: The tabbing index has been fixed so that it is correct with the audio player when in a WCAG title

LD-6444: JAWS will no longer read anchored buttons several times

LD-6414: When JAWS is interacting with questions that contain radio buttons, the tabbing will now bring the user to the next question

LD-6408: When tabbing, JAWS will no longer read shapes that do not have actions

LD-6383: JAWS will now read the text in all shapes

LD-6360: JAWS is now reading the names of shapes  (Alt Tags) correctly

LD-6355: Transparent buttons will now show the focus color when tabbed to in a WCAG title

LD-6347: When tabbing to WCAG title with shapes that have actions, there will no longer be duplicate focus lines

LD-6340: WCAG titles will no longer show partial focus lines on non-selected objects in Firefox

LD-3747: When tabbing to a button with an ALT tag in IE, JAWS will no longer read the next object twice

LD-993:  The spacebar will now fire OnClick actions on objects other than buttons in all supported operating systems, and not just limited to IE as it was in the past

LD-6469: Users will no longer be able to publish WCAG titles with seamless play publish enabled, which are incompatible

LD-6461: JAWS will no longer read labels twice when they are located on the right for checkboxes

Issues Fixed:

LD-623: When printing the current page, it will now print a lengthy page in its entirety, rather than stopping at one page

LD-6575: Inline variables will no longer created an issue for bulleted text

LD-6582: Corrected an issue where the anchoring feature was not working correctly

LD-6472: Addressed intermittent issues with the drag and drop feature for questions not always functioning

LD-6412: Fixed an issue where Chrome disables auto-start for media that has audio tracks

LD-6395: Allow behind-the-firewall users to verify their maintenance end date

LD-6374: Title Manager is now available in seamless play publishing for IE/Edge

LD-6363: Closing the notes report, located in the ‘Tools’ menu, will no longer close Lectora

LD-5891: When there is a text block with bullets on a page and another with an inline variable, it will no longer break the page and show code/scripting during preview and will now publish correctly

LD-5455: When publishing a course out to AICC, while selecting the seamless play publishing option, and then attempting to open up a standard pop up window for a Lectora page, you will receive no longer receive error messages

LD-6551: Randomized tests with sections, will no longer have a premature exit

LD-6536: The design themes have been reordered so that the newest themes are at the top

LD-6415: There is now the ability to randomize sections within tests, vs. the entire test

LD-6379: Custom radio buttons and checkboxes are now working correctly

LD-6366: When printing a page, form object content will now be printed as well

LD-6330: Have now made ffmpeg optional

LD-6234: A CMI5 option has been added to the command line publishing feature

LD-6227: Buttons are no longer misaligned in published content responsive course design mode

LD-6224: Improved the drawing of matching lines for questions, tests and surveys

LD-6148: AICC published content with the seamless play publishing option will no longer error

LD-6035: Audio and video files will now auto-play on Chrome for iPhone and iPad devices

LD-5884: When using change contents actions for audio objects, they will now function correctly when you view them in run or preview mode, as well as when published out to EXE

LD-5760: Stock buttons will no longer be disabled while transition effects are occurring

LD-5642: Lectora can now submit to the new version of Google Forms

LD-5588: Certificates will now print correctly with protect content enabled when using the seamless play publish option

LD-5338: Drag and drop questions will now retain their position as the user navigates from page to page and will no longer shift

LD-4809: An object placed off of a page will no longer be tabbed to in published content

LD-4325: Items that are in a ‘locked’ status, will no longer be interactive

LD-4236: For Android, when exiting a full screen while in landscape view, will no longer cause the page to zoom in

LD-4167: The hand cursor is now visible with drag and drop questions when in the protect mode

LD-1846: Users can now change the title name in title explorer that contain accented characters when the language is set to Portuguese

LD-6605: Unsaved titles will no longer show in ‘Recent Titles’

LD-6581: Inherited form objects with values will no longer error, causing the field and the page number to not display on every other page

LD-6549: The last page in titles with graded tests will now display in IE 8

LD-6546: Responsive course design scrubbing is no longer disabled in page preview

LD-6538: For questions, tests and surveys, when the attempts are limited, a user can no longer make multiple attempts beyond the set limit when using custom radio buttons

LD-6501: Shadows in objects will no longer be reset to no shadows when the operating system is German

LD-6493: Questions with individual feedback will now show when the operating system is Hindi

LD-6475: List box and drop lists with a single quote in the options will no longer stop the page from loading

LD-6468: Eliminated the page from freezing when transitions fade to text and images

LD-6462: Addressed label text being truncated for form objects in the build view

LD-6456: In languages where the text for the preview button is longer than the English version, the text will no longer extend over the cancel button

LD-6452: Questions with a list style format (both dropdown as well as listbox) now display in columns for IE 10

LD-6447: Drag and drop questions have had the drag option addressed for IE 10

LD-6400: Importing translation file will now translate all pages and not simply the ones that were viewed prior to publishing

LD-6399: Corrected an issue when responsive course design is being used where the view is truncated on mobile devices when scale to fit is selected

LD-6398: When using variables, instead of hard-coded values, the MoveTo actions are now working as expected

LD-6396: Publish warnings have been added for entry fields that are greater than 255 characters

LD-6371: Text box color outline that is set to hidden initially, will no longer show in Edge and IE

LD-6367:  Users will no longer receive an error message when navigating to another page in a new window while publishing to AICC with SPP enabled

LD-6331: Drag and drop questions are now working correctly on mobile phone devices

LD-6310:  Open attachment action will now fire in run mode

LD-6308: When setting sync events timing to include a 9, the duration will no longer be treated as 0

LD-6244: The exit button in the question creator is now functioning

LD-5413: The upper right hand ‘X’ in the synchronize events will now close the dialog

LD-6232: Titles are no longer shifting in run mode, when objects are placed in the grey space to the top or to the left of the canvas

LD-6153: Addressed an issue with missing JSON for xAPI

LD-5683:  When the keystroke actions of ‘M’ and ‘U’ are assigned to ‘Mute’ and ‘Unmute’ respectively, they now function

LD-4706: Eliminated javascript errors in pages containing table objects

LD-4504: When using the command line to execute a xAPI publish, the directory will no longer be incorrect

LD-2406: Resource override with cropped images will now function correctly in responsive course design

LD-2113: Updating test and test section names from the tools ribbon will now update the variable name

LD-1827: When in publish, after having used the ‘Save As’ feature, the destination folder is now pointing to the correct directory

LD-2935: The application will no longer crash when doing M4A to MP3 conversions

LD-6384: Publish to xAPI is no longer generating a blank page in IE

LD-6454: FTP used in languages other than English will no longer cause errors to be generated

LD-2036: OnDone action will now fire for .WAV files in IE

LD-6322: Users can now navigate back and forth between buttons and not have the page freeze


Lectora 18.0.1

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Released on:
January 4, 2019

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.0.1 (11563)
Lectora Publisher 18.0.1 (11562)

Issues Fixed:

LD-6766: Importing a Lectora Online pkg file with a new default button sets the background to transparent

LD-6764: SCORM IMS Manifest referenced metadata file is now named metadata.xml (title name caused issues)

LD-6762: Update to Snagit 2019.0.1 to resolve issues launching without a connected recording device

LD-6749: JavaScript error generated when running Basic Non-Linear template on ScormCloudLD-6747: Issues with Mobile Content On IOS: Shaking screen, zooming, cut off screen

LD-6741: Accessibility template – focus indicators not displaying for objects in the Header (Next, Help, Exit)

LD-6736: SCORM – Student Responses with greater than 255 characters will get cut off in reports

LD-6723: Update Initial blank title to be Responsive

LD-6717: Rollover Video size is inconsistent between publish and builder

LD-6714: Mute action on page with inherited media does not work correctly

LD-6706: When creating a new title from a theme the “Loading” dialog flashes repeatedly

LD-6701: Number Entry question with feedback of “None” causes JavaScript error and prevents page from loading

LD-6698: Titles from v11 opened in v18 cause button to have filled background color

LD-6690: Using Browse My Media to add an image can accidentally allow user to select a button and cause issues

LD-6688: Randomized final test section is not submitting test successfully

LD-6685: Sync event timing for audio and video is not saving correctly

LD-6675: trivantis.js not using myTop causes JavaScript error

LD-6686: Breadcrumb not visible in Lectora in Edit mode when title is imported via Lectora Online package file

LD-6637: Font Shadow and Formatting Marks not being saved successfully

LD-6603: Focus indicators are not displaying correctly for objects


Lectora 18.0.2

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Released on:

February 8, 2019

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.0.2 (11586)
Lectora Publisher 18.0.2 (11585)

Issues fixed:

LD-6821: CefSubProcess.exe deleted by Windows Defender

LD-6670: Windows Defender flags trivserver.exe it lists the Publisher as “unknown”

LD-6820: Remove remaining tabindex for media controllers

LD-6817: Stock Buttons should have maintain ratio selected

LD-6815: Govt Approved Installer

LD-6805: Importing a Lectora Online pkg file closes Lectora

LD-6803: Published title causing error on ReviewLink

LD-6802: Test results is always going to the Pass page in the chapter Testresult, regardless of score

LD-6791: Image button coming in with white and gray backgrounds

LD-6790: xAPI failing to initialize when using mbox only

LD-6787: Responsive and Disable browser resize of published content – page does not display correctly

LD-6779: Backup of title file should be created when going to a new version

LD-6775: Google Submit not working for old titles

LD-4740: Submitting Test/Survey/Form data to Google no longer works

LD-6772: Unneeded text on metatag

LD-6771: Improper style written for mediapool

LD-6768: Attempts locking is not retaining between sessions

LD-6754: Conditional variable not saved

LD-6748: WCAG – cannot tab to text blocks that have action

LD-6662: Video will not auto-play in chrome – Preview in Browser

LD-6651: Centered HTML Page Alignment is not being honored in responsive titles with resize disabled

LD-5740: Text color for disabled state text button not retained for responsive titles

LD-5716: Test Results and Certificates are Blank

LD-5371: Student Name does not appear in Test Results window


Lectora 18.1.1

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Released on:  

May 7, 2019

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.1.1 (11655)
Lectora Publisher 18.1.1 (11654)

The primary new features of Lectora 18.1 are the following:

  • Convert text to speech: Lectora will create an mp3 audio file based on text
  • Style Painter: Quickly copy and paste Style properties for images, text, shapes, buttons, and characters
  • Accessibility enhancement: Screen readers will announce initially hidden text when shown
    • Accessible titles with buttons will use the shape as the click area
    • Accessible titles will no longer show focus indicators for hidden audio with closed captions
    • Reset Matching questions will now remove lines properly from the page
    • Bookmarking issues when closing a course using the browser’s ‘x’ button have been resolved
    • AICC titles on ScormCloud will now exit using an Exit button in the course

Issues Fixed:

LD-6840: Accessible titles with buttons will use the shape as the click area

LD-6763 Accessible titles will no longer show focus indicators for hidden audio with closed captions

LD-6844: Reset Matching questions will now remove lines properly from the page

LD-6742: Bookmarking issues when closing a course using the browser’s ‘x’ button have been resolved

LD-6121: AICC titles on ScormCloud will now exit using an Exit button in the course

LD-6880: SPP publish on Safari browser pages without transitions look like fly in from right


Lectora Desktop 18.1.2

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Released on:  

May 24, 2019

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.1.2 (11678)
Lectora Publisher 18.1.2 (11677)

Issues Fixed:

LD-6893: Downloading an image from eLearning Brothers Stock Assets closing Lectora Inspire

LD-6896: Dynamic Text showing up as HTML instead of text

LD-6838: Commas in correct responses are not showing in the cmi interactions

LD-6890: Lectora now give guidance in solving internet connection problems


Lectora Desktop 18.1.3

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Released on:  

June 26, 2019

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.1.3 (11695) Download Here
Lectora Publisher 18.1.3 (11694) Download Here

Issues Fixed:

LD-6991: Seamless play published to ReviewLink, the content won’t load when launching from comments with Chrome version 75.


Lectora Desktop 18.1.4

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Released on:  

July 23, 2019

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.1.4 (11720) Download Here
Lectora Publisher 18.1.4 (11719) Download Here

Issues Fixed:

LD-6834: Last question in randomized test with feedback is not going to next page when you close the feedback message

LD-6942: Table of Contents would not load in certain circumstances in Firefox

LD-4535: Randomized test section prevents score value to be set in course variable/passed to LMS



Lectora 18.2

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Released on:  

September 16, 2019

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.2 (11777) Download Here

Lectora Publisher 18.2 (11776) Download Here

Supported Browsers:   

NOTE: Lectora 18.2 will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0. 

If you are not ready to upgrade, you can turn off Auto Update notifications in your Lectora Preferences. If you need to revert to an earlier version of Lectora 18, please contact Support.

Published content is cross-platform compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 and higher, or any recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge.


Lectora Desktop 18.2 includes the following updates and fixes: 

New Features:

Lectora 18.2 includes a number of media enhancements:

  • Closed Captions for Text to Speech: Lectora will automatically generate a closed caption file with the resulting mp3 audio file.
  • Updated Media Player: Toggle closed captions on or off with the CC button on the controller.
  • Set Time action: Jump to a specific time in an audio or video file by triggering this action.
  • Support for high-quality streaming of media content in HTML5 (via HLS and M(PEG)-DASH over HTTP) in order to remove the dependency on Adobe Flash 

Security Updates:

  • Lectora was updated to use the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 libraries to ensure ongoing security support.
  • jQuery was updated to v3.4.1 to remediate security vulnerabilities in the previous version, resulting in discontinued support of Internet Explorer 8 in this release.

Issues Fixed: 

LD-6924: MediaElement.js has been updated to resolve any dependency on Flash for media streaming services

LD-6927: Images were not displaying when published with scaling on

LD-6953: Resource Manager no longer enables media conversion for m4v and f4v video

LD-6891: SCORM titles with “Disable browser resize of published content” and “Scale content to fill window” no longer launch as a white page

LD-6920: Autostart resolved for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome when media is present on the first page of the course

LD-6856: Format Painter incorrectly enabled for the QR Code object



Lectora 18.2.1

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Released on:  

October 3, 2019

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.2.1 (11794) Download Here

Lectora Publisher 18.2.1 (11793) Download Here

Issues Fixed: 

LD-7004: Issues with shape objects with callouts tails have been resolved

LD-7005: The Action target drop list now displays properly, and is no longer empty

LD-7006: Updated libraries for security compliance

LD-7011: xAPI launch behavior correctly passes back the complete actor object

LD-7014 Fullscreen video now works in all desktop browsers, except in Chrome. When published, in Chrome, without Seamless Play enabled, it will only fill the browser window. A full resolution is dependent on a fix for Chromium Issue 1009462.

LD-7015: SCORM 2004 Course on SumTotal now finds API adapter

LD-7017: Resolved invalid datatype errors for CMI Interaction data for Multiple Choice and True/False Question

LD-7016: Updated default publish string for autostart to “Tap / Click to continue.”


Lectora 18.2.2

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Released on:  

February 18, 2020

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.2.2 (11888) Download Here

Lectora Publisher 18.2.2 (11887) Download Here

Issues Fixed: 

LD-7047: Added configuration options to support Proxy environments

LD-7039: AICC Publish fixes for Chrome 80 to save course progress

LD-7081: Bookmarking in IE was loading two pages

LD-4299: Mute/Unmute actions now work with the On Show trigger

LD-4299: The muted state is now retained from page to page

LD-5594: The “Scroll To” from a hyperlink Go To action now works in Chrome

LD-7020: Fullscreen video now works in Chrome for all publish options

LD-7045: Offline Publish as EXE can now open attachments

LD-7076: Accessibility <H1> designation for text block is not lost when a Change Content action runs

LD-7091: Fixed an issue with iOS and Safari where buttons turn into black boxes

LD-7093: xAPI published with the Disable Resize option no longer hides images

LD-7098: On iOS video objects without a controller keep their correct width and height

Lectora 18.2.3

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Released on:  

February 27, 2020

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 18.2.3 (11897) Download Here

Lectora Publisher 18.2.3 (11896) Download Here

This maintenance is in response to Apple iPad updates.

Issues Fixed: 

LD-7110: Auto start media on iPad did not start in some cases

LD-7112: Media events on mobile devices were not running in some cases

LD-7031: HLS and MPEG-DASH stream support added


Service Pack Downloads:

If you have any questions or issues, please email support@trivantis.com or call +1 (866) 852-6700 for assistance.