Lectora Desktop 17.1.1

Released on:

December 21, 2017

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 17.1.1 (11225)
Lectora Publisher 17.1.1 (11224)

Supported Browsers:
Published content is cross-platform compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher, or any recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge.

Lectora Desktop 17.1.1 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:
The primary new features of Lectora Desktop 17.1.1 are the following:

  • Introduction of the eLearning Brothers Stock Asset Library, replacing the Interaction Builder (Inspire only)
  • Addition of cmi5 as a publishing option
  • Improvements to xAPI support to meet cmi5 standards
  • Enhancement to FTP publish settings to enable saving of FTP profiles
  • Implemented new framework to improve Run and Preview Mode, and Publish Offline
  • Allowing users to convert all media types to MP3/MP4
  • Adding audio/video events and syncing to actions can now be completed in one dialog
  • Expanded xAPI publish option by adding ‘Track Course Progress’
  • New HTML publish option to disable browser resize of published content
  • New publish option to scale content to fill the browser window

Issues Fixed:
LD-6083: Crash with step progress action with no corresponding targeted progress bar
LD-6033: Publishing title with audio resource removed was causing Lectora to crash
LD-6032: Crash when importing radio groups from a package
LD-6028: xAPI/cmi5 title tracking progress were not correctly reporting with multiple AUs/Chapters/Tests
LD-6010: Redirect for the Video Tutorial button from ‘Getting Started’ was not updated
LD-5991: Youtube videos show ‘recommended videos’ when content was paused as well as at the completion of a video.
LD-5976: Issues with Spacebar, tab button and Video Playback
LD-5958: Unable to copy text from a single file executable published title
LD-5915: Seamless Publishing had broken tracking behavior
LD-5912: BranchTrack – initial value should not be “0” if scene information score was undefined or null
LD-5908: Importing package lost set state disabled actions
LD-5901: BranchTrack – Reset BT action should also reset Path variable
LD-5899: Feedback triggering only for number entry type questions
LD-5889: Test Results with Vertical Scroll Option was only printing visible questions
LD-5888: AICC published content not was retaining variables between sessions
LD-5877: BranchTrack – Issues with multiple objects of the same simulation
LD-5876: Multiple BranchTrack Scenarios on one page, going through one scenario was updating all of the variables related to all the BranchTrack objects
LD-5874: ‘Fit all on one page’ setting-options remained enabled after publishing again with different settings.
LD-5871: SPP was breaking OnPageShow, Play Audio
LD-5858: Foreign install, click on File, got a message and then Lectora closed
LD-5853: Default audio player controls had tabindex=0
LD-5835: When trying to convert WMV to MP4 from Properties closed Lectora
LD-5827: SPP had limited debug window data to current page
LD-5826: SPP was breaking the variables debugger window
LD-5819: ‘Set Reading Order to Last’ was not being honored
LD-5817: Tabindex was starting at “0” instead of “1”
LD-5798: Multiple choice feedback tab not properly displaying By Choice options when only two choices exist
LD-5734: Autostart on iPhone was not starting when the user paged back to it
LD-5688: BranchTrack files that contained audio was not playing in Preview or EXE published courses
LD-5678: Non-click play actions in SPP did not trigger the playing of audio or video files on iOS devices
LD-5666: Test results were not printing correctly from IE11 and FireFox
LD-5632: Two pages loading at once with SPP
LD-5628: Audio did not play in run mode
LD-5625: Values for storing gradient and shadows corrupted in foreign installs
LD-5621: xAPI/cmi5 titles with multiple AUs were being marked as passed if the first AU’s mastery score was met
LD-5562: Captions on autostart media in SPP mobile did not stick to the selection
LD-5525: Deleting the last page beneath hidden title objects left the hidden group selected
LD-5499: Page that has background sound did not play on mobile
LD-5498: Media that was a target of an OnDone action from another media did not play on mobile
LD-5497: Target of an event from another media did not play on mobile
LD-5496: Target of a play action with a delay greater than 1 second did not play on mobile
LD-5445: Anchored audio was not staying on top of objects when viewed on iPad
LD-5313: SPP title in xAPI closed when paging forward
LD-5290: Video/Audio files with long times caused controllers to wrap
LD-5214: Videos stopped loading on iOS with seamless enabled
LD-5069: Was not converting FLV to MP4 on publish
LD-4974: Audio events did not trigger on iPhone devices when using seamless play
LD-4971: Video controllers showed up in iOS even when the controller was set to none
LD-4963: M4A Files did not play in Run/Preview
LD-4954: Memory Leak: Text Button loading was causing text objects to be created and leaked
LD-4879: Shadows were clipping buttons, images and shapes
LD-4948: Video was not clearing when going to next page in Seamless
LD-4946: Menu object top-level menu image was being used for sub-level menu
LD-4934: Copy/Paste was not working in Inspire Tools tab
LD-4889: SPP: Resize action on page showed positioned incorrectly
LD-4832: Rotate device in ReviewLink caused zoom in iOS
LD-4811: GoTo large page (different page) targeting bottom was not working in run view or preview mode
LD-4757: BranchTrack variable name changes incorrectly when edited
LD-4756: Was not able to paste into BranchTrack
LD-4625: Offline published content was not printing entire test results page
LD-4440: RCD – Text wrapping was not previewing correctly
LD-4262: Transparent Background for Drop List was not transparent in Run View and Preview
LD-4118: Like Button had a UI/UX error
LD-4087: Inserted audio files were a shorter length playing in Run Mode
LD-4067: WAV file caused JavaScript error in IE
LD-4056: Audio and Video controllers were not appearing correctly in Run and Preview modes
LD-3919: Question feedback to play audio won’t allows to change page; Run Mode
LD-3898: Text blocks with a single line on desktop will show as single line on other views when they should be multiline
LD-3730: Keystroke actions using F6 as a trigger button did fire when published to EXE
LD-3486: Print Certificate was printing on multiple pages
LD-3299: Test results scroll bars were disappearing on device switch in Run mode
LD2607: Status indicators did not have alt tag in preview mode
LD-2449: Selecting ‘Help’ when on html tab on publish went to AICC/SCORM help
LD-2148: Button (or Image) position shifted between editor and browser
LD-2140: Hiding an object while it was transitioning in, prevented you from viewing the object again
LD-1274: Run view was slow compared to prior versions
LD-1724: Text wrapping differences in Build View, Run View, and Published
LD-196: Web window plugin, certain URLs never loaded in run view