Lectora Desktop 17.0.6 (Service Pack)

Released on:

October 3, 2017

Current Version:

Lectora Inspire 17.0.6 (11164)

Lectora Publisher 17.0.6 (11165)


System Requirements:

Make sure you meet the following system requirements before you install Lectora:

  • Intel® or AMD® class processor
  • 500MB free RAM
  • 1GB free hard disk space for the application
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (required to install Camtasia and Snagit; not required for Lectora Publisher)
  • A monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024×768

Lectora runs on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows Vista®
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Lectora Inspire Specific:

  • Snagit: support 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Camtasia: support 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • BranchTrack and eLearning Brothers integrations: require Internet access.

Courses created for the web require Internet Explorer® 8.0 or newer or any version of Mozilla Firefox™, Google Chrome™ or Apple Safari®. For Internet Explorer, version 10 or newer is needed to support the full use of the shadow, rotation, opacity and reflection effects.


For more information, please refer to the following:

Titles published for offline use can be written to external media such as CD-ROMs and Flash drives and require one of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10


System requirements for this service update:

Lectora Inspire 17.0.5, or

Lectora Publisher 17.0.5


Note: A full install of v17.0.6 may be used by those currently on v17.0.5 or lower.


Installation instructions:

  1. Download the appropriate file:
  • Lectora Inspire 17.0.6 (Inspire_Install_v17.0.6.exe)
  • Lectora Publisher 17.0.6 (Publisher_Install_v17.0.6.exe)
  1. Double-click the .exe file.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Lectora 17.0.6 is available for download in the following languages:

English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Swedish


Lectora Inspire 17.0.6 and Lectora Publisher 17.0.6 include the following updates and fixes:


Issues fixed in this release:


LD-5651 Update Licensing to support unlimited Trivantis Complete model



LD-5839 Web Accessibility option causes button’s enabled state to lose mouse pointer
LD-5830 Crash caused by the modification of Background Sound resources
LD-5838 Visibility of transparent button remains hidden after Float Transition In in Internet Explorer
LD-5744 Character name “Johnb” corrected to “John”
LD-5589 Drop-Down TOC does not honor Anchor Position property in Run Mode and when published
LD-5914 Crash with Synced Events and YouTube Videos







LD-5735 Reflections are not anchored on ReviewLink or CourseMill when viewed on an iOS device