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Vaast is the centralized online hub to create, manage, share, track and find digital media assets, including images, audio and video.


Trivantis® Vaast allows you to easily search for digital files in a collaborative environment where teams can seamlessly access and manage content - for faster, more effective eLearning course development.


Lectora® Online Integration


Central Repository


Lightning Fast Search


Built-In Workflow


Track & Report


An Answer to Common Content Management Challenges, Including:


  • No effective collaboration over assets across teams.
  • Integration challenges with existing tools.
  • Dispersed assets across departments.
  • Risky management of assets without proper permissions in place.
  • Inefficient administration over ongoing updates.
  • Growing volume, variety, and velocity of content.
  • Inconsistent branding across projects and materials.
  • Audio and video not optimized for mobile delivery.
  • No ability to track who is doing what to which files and when.

Keep Your Content in Check


  • Instantly find the files you need with lightning-fast search.
  • Update media once, in one place, and eliminate duplication of efforts.
  • Control edits and access through one central repository.
  • Built-in notifications, approvals, and permissions.
  • Create consistent branding across media, templates, and projects.
  • Track usage and modification across the system.

Achieve Real Speed to Market


  • Update Lectora Online course assets from a single location.
  • Avoid risk by ensuring assets are compliant with talent usage rights.
  • Eliminate time consuming duplication of media files.
  • Reduce localization costs with control over template customization.
  • Empower teams to self-serve over a single source of file distribution.
  • Streamline collateral management and collaboration.
  • Ensure security and control of digital assets.
  • Deliver brand consistency and quality effectively.
  • Standardize workflows for the entire content development lifecycle.
  • Increase operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Collect real-time measurements of digital asset operations.

General Features


  • Upload any file type, from any source
  • Automatic Keyword Tagging
  • Embed digital assets directly in Lectora Online courses.
  • Email alerts and links to anyone
  • Metadata management
  • Workflows and Approvals
  • Usage Analytics
  • Creative rights and usage management
  • Manage users, groups, and security parameter
  • Custom brand guidelines pages

See For Yourself

Discover how easy it is to manage digital assets, seamlessly share media across projects,
and achieve more effective and efficient training with a free trial.


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