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Create eLearning anywhere, anytime with our dynamic and versatile cloud authoring tool—now with
Responsive Course Design.

Lectora Desktop new

Unlimited Desktop Authoring Capabilities for eLearning

Create interactive, engaging, accessible, and responsive eLearning.


Create mobile-friendly courses easily.

Including the popular Responsive Course Design features, as well as, an easier to use interface and a contemporary approach when creating eLearning.


 New  Modern, professional course templates right from the Getting Started Screen

A new set of templates are now available from the Getting Started Screen. With built-in navigation, interactive samples, page layouts, and instructions for use, each focuses on different learning styles and common course types: basic linear navigation, non-linear navigation, audio and video, pre-test/final exam, and accessibility.


 New  Configurable Stock Buttons

A new library of Stock Buttons is available in the Media Library. Stock buttons now have configurable backgrounds, shapes, and styles.


 New  Disable tablet or phone views to simplify Responsive Course Design

Build responsive courses more quickly. Just disable tablet or phone views (landscape or portrait) and focus only on the views you want, allowing for normal scaling in the others.


Quickly and easily create 
mobile courses.

The new RCD feature allows you to design courses in the desktop view, and Lectora will automatically rescale objects to fit on mobile devices. You can then make customizations for each view to fit your desires!

Design once. Distribute everywhere.

Because Lectora automatically adjusts the tablet and phone views, you only need to design your course once, no matter how many devices you plan to distribute to. No more rebuilds for each new phone that comes out.


Adjust mobile views to
perfect your course.

You can make custom adjustments to any object to further ensure your course looks and functions perfectly on all devices. It’s easy to use the Responsive Bar at the top of the work area in Lectora to see and edit each view.

Convert existing courses to RCD.

In just three clicks, you can convert your existing, non-responsive titles to RCD, and then make any device-specific adjustments that you choose.


Want even more tools to help you create interactive, engaging eLearning? 

Check out Lectora Inspire—all the features of Lectora Publisher, plus:


eLearning Brothers
Lectora Template Library

Use games, interactions, scenarios, navigation players and course starters all built in Lectora. Access the Lectora file directly from your Media Library and start building awesome courses today.


eLearning Brothers
Cutout People Library

Thousands of character images are ready to drop right into Lectora. Each character has a transparent background and comes with multiple poses and emotions.

Stock asset library

eLearning Brothers
Stock Asset Library

(a $489 value)

Stock images, graphics, sound effects, music loops, Videos and more! This library has 2,000,000+ stock assets for your next eLearning course..


BranchTrack – Easily create branching scenarios

In just minutes, you can create, edit, and directly insert a BranchTrack scenario in Lectora. Scenarios are helpful for decision-based employee training and more. 


Camtasia 2018 - Screen recording
and video editing

Easily create and edit professional-quality videos with this video recorder. Plus, record mobile video with TechSmith Fuse, a free mobile app. 


Snagit 2019 - Screen captures
made easy

In just a few clicks, you can capture great-looking images and videos for your e-Learning course. It’s easy to customize your screen captures with effects or markup tools.


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