Lectora Online: All Features


The following features are available in the latest release:

New in Lectora Online 4.1

eLearning Brothers Template Library, Cutout People Library, and Stock Asset Library

Lectora Online provides integrated access to the eLearning Brothers Library. You can get ideas and enhance your titles with course starters, games, and interactions from their Template Library, select from a huge collection of cutout people characters in their Cutout People library, and access thousands of stock images, audio, and video assets in their Stock Assets library.

Centralize your asset management with Trivantis Vaast

Vaast - Trivantis' Virtual Asset and Sharing Technology solution - allows you to manage the design and development of assets - graphics, audio, and video - from one central location. Vaast is the centralized online hub to create, manage, share, track and find digital media assets, including images, audio and video. This also includes special attachments, such as Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word files.

New in Lectora Online 4.0

Seamless Play publish option

When this option is selected on the HTML Options tab during publishing, your title will smoothly flow from page to page, eliminating the screen wipe commonly associated with HTML pages.

Automatically start media on mobile devices

When publishing using the Seamless Play option, media files will honor the Auto-Start selection on mobile devices, allowing simplified use of page narration and videos.

Replace and download resources using the Resource Manager

Use the Resource Manager to replace resources used within your title. You can also download resources from the Resource Manager.

Exclude the Flash media player files when HTML publishing

Select to exclude the Flash media player (.swf) files in the published content when you publish to HTML.

Add scenario-based exercises to your titles with BranchTrack

Easily create, import, and edit scenario-based simulations using the BranchTrack application. Track the learner's selections during the exercise and use the available score.

Import and export questions

Use comma-separated value (CSV) files to import and export nine question types, as stand-alone questions or contained within a test or survey.

Add QR codes

Add a scannable QR Code to your title for text, links, addresses, and more.

Recently Added WCAG 2.0 Support Features

You can use Lectora Online to create titles published to a Web-based format (e.g., HTML, CourseMill, SCORM, AICC) that comply with the standards set in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 - Level AA.

Web Accessibility Settings


Disable certain features that are not compliant and set specific publishing options before you begin development of 508- and WCAG 2.0-compliant titles.

Visible Focus Indicators

When an object receives focus through tabbing, a visual indicator is displayed that highlights the object that is in focus. You can determine the color and thickness of the indicator.

Scope Attribute for Table Headers

When the Include Header check box is selected in the Table properties, assistive technology readers will associate the data in the table with the headers specified.

Language Declaration

Declare the language for the title so that screen readers can properly read the text. You can also declare the language for specific text blocks if they need to be read differently than the base language for the title.

Text Block Heading Types

Specify whether the text block should be labeled with an HTML heading level (H1 through H6), or as normal HTML body text.

Set Reading Order to Last

Create groups at the title, chapter, and section levels whose reading order can be specifically set to be read by screen readers after all page-level objects have been announced.

Web Accessibility Check Tool

The Accessibility Check tool can be used to help identify objects within your title that may require special attention in order to comply with Section 508 or WCAG AA requirements.

Enhanced Documentation

Additional reference information and instructions for satisfying the WCAG Level A and AA requirements.

Recently Added General Features

Social Objects

Allow users to share content to social media networks with Share buttons and other Social objects.

Web Window Object

Embed Web pages from multiple sources like Google Maps, Wikipedia, or anywhere on the Web. Change the style and make changes to the Web Window's source type and URL address.

Multi-select Text Scaling

Save time developing Responsive titles by scaling the text size within multiple text blocks simultaneously.

Events saved in the Lectora object

When you synchronize event actions to an audio or video file, those events are saved separately from the media. This allows you to swap the media without losing the events.

Quick-launch access to ReviewLink


After publishing to ReviewLink, use the ReviewLink button to quickly access your content, or scan the QR code to launch ReviewLink on your mobile device.

Convert shapes to buttons

A button can be any shape. Now a shape can be quickly converted to a button, complete with normal, over, down, and disabled states.

Enhanced Text alignment for Closed Captions

Select Left, Center, or Right alignment for audio and video closed captions.

Limit Access to Shared Titles

Restrict visibility of, and access to shared titles to only team members assigned to the title.

Object adorners with adjustment handles

Use the adjustment handles on the object's selection rectangle to modify the corners and angles of shapes and buttons.


Fill styles for shapes and buttons


Select from over two dozen gradients, 36 included textures, or use a picture to fill shapes and buttons.

Improved pill shape and new bevel shape

Using the new gradients and adjustment handles, Lectora Online can now provide these three-dimensional looking shapes.

Shape-based buttons


Need an arrow-shaped button? How about a star-shaped button? Create buttons, including transparent buttons, using any Lectora Online shape.

Type text directly in buttons

No need to open a new dialog; update text in the button on the page.

Improved "click" mapping for attached actions


Buttons and shapes with attached actions are now selectable only in the visible portion and not the object's entire transparent rectangle.

Customizable button states


Buttons now include a non-selectable disabled state. Automatically created for each button, you can customize the appearance of this state—as well as the Normal, Over, and Down states—on the new Button States control. Set the button to immediately display as disabled, or use the new Set State action to enable or disable a button.

New effects for shapes, buttons, images, and text


Add solid, dashed, or dotted outlines to shapes, images, buttons, and text blocks. Use modern reflection effects on buttons, shapes, and images. Select a pre-defined shadow or use the Shadow Options control to create your desired look. These selections are now available on the new Style ribbon for the objects.

Cropping images

You can remove the outer parts of an image to improve the framing or to better highlight the subject matter.

SVG rendering of shapes, buttons, images, and text


Using scalable vector graphics technology, published content will remain crisp and scalable on high-resolution displays.

New closed captioning file support

In addition to the XML format we've always supported, select from two new closed-captioning file formats (WebVTT and SRT). Use the provided sample files to quickly get started.

Set default for closed captioning display


Using a Lectora Online preferences setting, determine whether viewers will see closed captions immedietly or need to turn on captioning.

Maintain aspect ratio for video


When you resize a video on the page, Lectora Online keeps the original width and height aspect ratio to prevent distortion. If this option is off and the video gets stretched or squeezed, use the new Reset to Original button to restore the original dimensions.

New sets of check boxes and radio buttons


Select from dozens of new sets of check boxes and radio buttons to enhance the interactive experience. Many of these sets are designed to match Title Themes.

Set Completion Status renamed to Set Tracking Status

This action has been renamed to reflect that you can set the tracking status for chapters/sections/pages to states other than “completed”. The functionality of this feature has not changed.

Enhanced support for Experience xAPI-based titles


It's now easier than ever to create and publish Experience API-based titles with these xAPI-based improvements:

* Your xAPI titles no longer require special designation in Title Options before you get started.
* Set the enhanced Send Statement action (previously labeled xAPI Statement) to deliver the statements of learning experience to the learning records store (LRS).
* Use the Send Course Completion action to set the course's completion status to Completed, Passed, or Failed.

Improved FTP transfer control

Control whether to transfer published titles as either Active Mode or Passive Mode.

Improved numbered list and bullet style control


You can now quickly modify the style of numbered lists and bullets within text blocks using the List Properties control on the Home ribbon.

Improved object rotation

You can now resize rotated objects.

Customizing Test Results


Lectora and Lectora Online allow you to determine the behavior of quizzes/tests including whether test results will be shown to the student. With the Results Designer, how results are displayed is completely customizable. You can choose what data to show, the order in which the data is presented, how the text is styled, and even embed images within the results.

Rotate and Flip


New object adorners allow for the rotation and flipping of shapes, images and text buttons.

Alternatively, use the controls in the new Rotation and Mirroring group of the Position and Size ribbon to flip and rotate objects.

Additional status indicator objects


Select from 50 additional status indicator sets, such as the three-cut pie, bullseye, hourglass, and progress meters.

Media play optimized


The playing of media has been optimized with a new HTML5 player, eliminating the Flash requirement and providing for sharper rendering on mobile devices.

Audio closed captioning


Lectora and Lectora Online provide the tools you need for effective 508 compliant courses, including the ability to link a closed caption file to an audio or video.

New Shapes and Shape Styles


Add a cloud, star or callout shapes to draw attention to a part of an image or to attract attention to instructions and information. Change the border from solid to dashed or dotted line. Type text directly within the shape.

Tag and Search


Title Tags are labels that identify the types of content contained in the title, the target business unit, a learning taxonomy...whatever you want! Create new tags or select from the list of tags already created to help you manage your organization's titles. Then use the Title Search feature to quickly locate titles which contain certain tags.

Responsive Course Design (RCD)


Design and build your title for viewing on your audience's primary device, and Lectora Online will automatically rescale objects to fit on other devices. Make manual adjustments to any object to further ensure your title looks and functions perfectly on all devices.

Preview Published Courses on Mobile Devices

Scan the convenient QR code with your mobile device's scanner app to instantly preview your content.

Publish to ReviewLink

Enable reviewers and team members to take advantage of enhanced commenting features and mobile review by publishing titles to ReviewLink, an online review and collaboration tool from Trivantis.

Automated Status Tracking 

Lectora Online now automatically keeps track of the chapters, sections, and pages in your title as Not Started, In Progress, or Completed (i.e., visited by the student).

Status Indicator Objects 

Display the status of a chapter, section, or page using these special 3-image objects. Use one of Lectora Online's stock indicator objects or create your own with custom images.

Set Completion Status Action 


Take control of the status tracking functionality with the Set Completion Status action. Force chapters, sections, or pages to be Not Started, In Progress, or Completed.

Status as an Action Condition 

Choose to execute or not execute actions based on the status of a chapter, section, or page.

Inline Variable Replacement

"Good morning, VAR(name)." Now you can insert variable syntax directly into text blocks to create dynamic and customized content.

TOC and Progress Bar Page Association

Individually customize table of contents and progress bars to a unique set of included pages.

Menu Creator

Create a menu based on the title's table of contents. Link the sub-menu style to the primary level style. Adjust the height and width. View a live preview of the menu.

Border Color Selection for Progress Bars

Customize the look of a progress bar by selecting a border color and weight to match the look of your title.

Advanced Custom Progress Bar

Easily connect a variable value to a custom progress bar.

Enhanced Progress Bar Action 

With the Step Progress Bar Position action you can now choose to step the progress forward or backward, eliminating the need for special variable actions.

Attach Files or Folders

In addition to single file attachments you can attach entire folders as a ZIP file for use in published titles.

Persisting Background Audio 

Would you like to add a music soundtrack underneath your title? Now you can! Background audio files will continue to play across pages, and can be controlled with play, pause, and stop actions.

Button Overlap Warning 

An alert appears when button images overlap, warning you that button will be potentially unselectable.

Optimize Image Sizes

To improve performance and minimize published title size, you can now "right size" image resources to be no larger than the largest size used in the title, regardless of the original image file size.

Increase/Decrease Text Size 

New buttons allow you to quickly increase or decrease the point size of text, saving you valuable clicks and development time.

Fade Page Transition

You can now set a smooth Fade as a transition from page-to-page.

Paste from Operating System Clipboard

Paste an image or text that you have copied from another application. For example, when previewing an image in the Windows Live Gallery, select Copy and then use the new Paste OSC feature to paste it as a new image in Lectora Online.

Responsive Course Design (RCD) Features

Convert Existing Titles to RCD

There's no need to start over from scratch. With just three clicks you can convert your existing non-responsive titles to RCD, and then begin to make the device-specific adjustments to ensure your title looks and functions perfectly on all devices.

Auto-Fit Mobile Devices

No need to worry about the varying--and ever changing--tablet and smartphone screen dimensions. Lectora Online's RCD will automatically fill the screen of any device.

Responsive Title Themes

All Design ribbon Title Themes are fully responsive, ensuring a great look on all device types and sizes.

Responsive Page Layouts

Not sure where to begin? Page Layouts are a convenient way to organize basic content and know how it will appear on each device and orientation. Each layout has been specifically designed to provide the best look on each device. And yes, you can create your own customized page layouts, too!

RCD Device Inheritance

Anything you do on the desktop view will affect (be inherited to) the tablet. And any changes you make on the tablet will affect (be inherited to) the phone in the corresponding orientation. This trickle-down inheritance saves you valuable development time.

Override RCD Device Inheritance

You have control! Rearrange, resize, change the color, or even replace objects in any view to create the WYSIWYG look you desire. Easily identify which object's properties are overridable by new colored labels on the ribbon.

Reset Overrides

If you customize content and later decide you want to reset to Lectora Online's automatic behavior, simply click the Reset button to remove the overrides for any page or object and restore Lectora Online's RCD Device Inheritance.

Cross-Device Object Moving and Resizing

Move or resize an object proportionally on all views at the same time by using Ctrl+Shift+drag.

Automatic Page Height Adjustment 

If content on any mobile device is too low on the page to appear within the default height, RCD will automatically grow the page to create vertical scrolling, ensuring no content is lost.

Shrink/Grow Text Scaling

Scale text to appear smaller or larger on a mobile device by applying a scale factor to the base point size.

CurrentView Variable

This new reserved variable allows you to display content and control actions based on the device type and orientation. For example, you could display a message to "Rotate your device to landscape for this exercise" if Lectora Online detects that the CurrentView is in the portrait orientation.

Device Rotation Trigger 

Trigger actions when the student rotates their tablet or smartphone from landscape to portrait or vice versa.

Enhanced Preview in Browser

Preview any page or published title in your browser. Resize the browser window to emulate how the content will appear on tablets and smartphones.