Who Doesn’t Want To Be Premier?


Lectora User Conference Sessions

Who Doesn't Want To Be Premier?


Ms. Annette Williams, Manager, Training Design and Development

United Airlines

Session Objectives:

  1. Learn how to creatively provide key information/statistics to field agents
  2. Learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation into an interesting module
  3. Learn how to use all of the tools included with Lectora for a multi-media experience



Information needed to be passed on to a third party vendor in a quick, concise, innovative manner. I took a PowerPoint presentation from our Sales team, and used the assets to build a quick eLearning module for our third party vendor. Photos were taken from the original PowerPoint, and used in video clips and printable handouts for the third party vendor.

I plan on showing the original PowerPoint (after setting the scene with the problem that needed to be solved), and then showing the eLearning module that was created. This module used Snagit and Camtasia, as well as Lectora. I also used PowerPoint to create custom graphics, which will be included in the presentation.

Ultimately, this was published in both exe and html versions. I have recently published a SCORM version, as they are allowing us to add it to their LMS.

Presenter Bio:

Annette is an Instructional Design professional with extensive experience in eLearning and training documentation/development/delivery. She’s an experienced Course Designer and Classroom/Webinar Instructor. Annette is a creative, energetic, and team-oriented eLearning Specialist/Instructional Designer with experience in website design and maintenance.  

She has 10+ years of training background with companies large and small in multiple industries (Direct Selling, Healthcare IT, Airline industry) and 6+ years experience using Lectora Inspire.




Ms. Annette Williams

Manager, Training Design and Development
United Airlines