Simulating Online Webform Applications With Lectora


Lectora User Conference Sessions

Simulating Online Webform Applications With Lectora


Professor Jeffry Gordon, Professor of Educational Informatics


Session Objectives:

  1. Learn how to simulate complex webform applications in Lectora
  2. Found out why you should use Lectora to simulate webforms
  3. Discover issues to consider when creating an application like this 



I teach nurses how to roll out technology and train the professional staff and patients how to use webform based applications, such as the Electronic Medical Record (EMR/EHR) and Patient Portal. These can be complex tools that need to be learned just in time and very quickly. Traditional training approaches (face to face instruction, distribution of paper directions, video demonstrations, and even sandbox accounts) cannot provide a scaleable solution that meets everyone's needs. By simulating the webform application in Lectora you can focus on those areas of the application you want the users to quickly learn without being distracted by other areas in the application. You can also provide help prompts to guide the users (something that will not be in the actual application itself), and you can even record the exact steps they went through to complete the activity. This allows you to assess the skills of the learner in completing the webform exercise and can even provide you with feedback in where the actual webform based application itself isn't clear and needs modification.

The user can now practice on “fake” data without the risk of harming real patients. If a new feature in the EMR is rolled out, Lectora can be used to quickly create a simulation of the feature using the actual screens as background that the user will see. They can now practice anywhere and, if the Lectora simulation is put on an open webserver, the user can “play” in the environment anytime from anywhere without having to use a VPN or login from a highly restricted location.

Now that Responsive Course Design is built into Lectora, the Lectora simulation can even restrict the user to practice on computers or landscape facing tablets only. This adds a level of realism to the simulation environment.

Presenter Bio:

Jeffry Gordon has been teaching people how to use Lectora (as well as serving on various advisory boards) since the late 1990s. He has watched this product evolve into the high end technology it is today.




Professor Jeffry Gordon

Professor of Educational Informatics
Vanderbilt University