JavaScript Integration for Beginners


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JavaScript Integration for Beginners


Mrs. Becky Goldberg, Senior Instructional Designer-Developer

Travelers Insurance

Session Objectives:

  1. How to get JavaScript set up in a title
  2. How to run a function from Lectora, and how to transfer variables
  3. When to use native Lectora functions versus writing functions in JavaScript



One of Lectora's great strengths is its ability to extend with other languages. Pretty much whatever you want to do, you can accomplish in Lectora--if not natively, then by integrating some external code. This session focuses on the basics of integrating JavaScript into a Lectora title, and walks through a couple real-life examples of how JavaScript was used to execute designs without compromising using Lectora.

This session is designed for non-coders. The target audience is code-dabblers, instructional designers-turned-developers, and others with a cursory (or less!) familiarity with code. The session starts with JavaScript syntax basics, the bulk of the session focuses on JavaScript-Lectora integration, and concludes with 2 case studies.

Presenter Bio:

Becky Goldberg is a Senior Instructional Designer-Developer at Travelers Insurance, with a decade of experience using Lectora. Responsible for the onboarding and ongoing training of an operations staff of over 1500 in the highly sensitive financial sector, Becky has a knack for leveraging available resources in creative and inventive ways. Her passion is reflected by her involvement in the eLearning community, and she endeavors to deliver high-quality learning products that motivate learners to seek out educational experiences... but really, Becky just loves to build cool things that help people learn.




Mrs. Becky Goldberg

Senior Instructional Designer-Developer
Travelers Insurance