Instructor-led Games Really Work!


Lectora User Conference Sessions

Instructor-led Games Really Work!


Mrs. Christine Scott, Corp. Communications Graphic Artist

CBIT at Brazosport College

Session Objectives:

  1. Mapping a game from concept to completion
  2. Variables used to accomplish the final game
  3. How to tailor this game with your questions/data



Using "Family Feud" format, we have developed "Friendly Feud" using random questions - 2 games with 2 "teams." An additional "round" of 2 games can be played but using content from the class material. A 5th game is available if a "tie breaker" is needed! This game has royalty-free "gameshow music" at the beginning, correct answer dings, incorrect answer buzzer, and each game scores individually. It is set up for a Facilitator or Instructor to be the “host,” and another person should/could run the game from the computer.


Opening screen with music intro - 5 separate games

Blue star – Hidden question that can be revealed but more fun to be read out loud to each participant.
Correct answers and X’s have sound attached (must have time in between each answer for “sound” to play again).
Three circles in bottom black box (outlined in red) are the three X’s for wrong answers (disappear as used). 4th red circle for incorrect "steal" answer.
White X – Located in bottom black box clears the wrong answer X’s and stops music, dings, etc.
White outlined square in bottom black box is used to “ding” when team wins!
When revealing the answers on the board…click on the text (left side of answer box). Click on the number (right side of answer box) after the game is over to reveal the answers but NOT add any points to the final score.
Score will appear for each game at the top (in yellow).
Black “END” button will skip remaining games and go straight to the closing page…“Thanks for Playing…” with music!"

Presenter Bio:

Christine Scott downloaded a trial version of Lectora Inspire and learned to use it in one weekend to bid on a project that following Monday. They won the bid and created over 5,000+ online courses (LMS) for a major chemical company in 19 languages over a 4 year period.



Christine Scott

Mrs. Christine Scott

Corp. Communications Graphic Artist
CBIT at Brazosport College