Immersive Storytelling With Lectora


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Immersive Storytelling With Lectora


Mr. Rick Zanotti, President

RELATE Corporation

Mrs. Leslie Zanotti, Vice-President

RELATE Corporation

Session Objectives:

  1. Discover what Immersive Training is
  2. Learn how to weave a story into the Immersion
  3. Find out how simple it really is to create Immersive learning



Nothing tells a story better than putting the learner in the environment. Immersive learning combines story with interaction to create a first-hand experience that has proven to have better retention and learning rates.

In this session you will learn how to easily create an Immersive course with the tools you have at hand including a cell phone, microphone, Lectora, and some imagination.

Presenter Bio:

Rick Zanotti is a seasoned eLearning and multimedia developer, director, and writer. He has 20+ years developing eLearning and Training. Prior to multimedia, Rick was a Systems Analyst, programmer, and VP of IT having implement hundreds of ERP systems for large to medium sized companies.

Rick founded RELATE Corporation in 1984, and in 2007, he created RELATECASTS, an internet broadcasting group under RELATE Corp. He's been the co-host of many shows including Lectora Live!, eLearnChat, eMediaChat, Life Edge, and Tech Down Over.

Rick is an avid media creator and loves doing voice-over, photography, and videos. He also writes and spends time with family and dogs (his “girls”)...

Leslie has been creating courses for over a decade. She is an eLearning author and LMS expert. Prior to Training work she was a Systems Programmer and Trainer for large-scale enterprise systems and worked at companies like Teradata, CADAM, Candle, Western Airlines.



Mr. Rick Zanotti

RELATE Corporation


Mrs. Leslie Zanotti

RELATE Corporation