How to Train Your Draggin’ – Expanding Interactions With JavaScript


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How to Train Your Draggin’ – Expanding Interactions With JavaScript


Mr. John Williford, Instructional Designer

Baptist Health South Florida

Session Objectives:

  1. Learn how to include external JavaScript libraries into your Lectora project
  2. Learn how to enhance drag and drop functionality with jQuery and jQuery-UI
  3. Learn how to create sequencing interactions with jQuery-UI’s Sortable function, and how to achieve greater audio control with the Buzz JavaScript library 



Lectora has a perfectly functional built-in drag and drop question type. But with the help of external JavaScript libraries, like jQuery, jQuery-UI, Buzz, and others, you can expand the functionality of Lectora in many interesting ways.

This presentation will introduce the whys and hows of using basic JavaScript to tap into the power of existing JavaScript libraries (pre-written functions). In particular, you'll see examples of how to build expanded drag and drop interactions using the Draggable and Droppable functions from jQuery-UI. You'll also see related examples of how to use the Sortable function to create simple but engaging sequencing interactions. Finally, you'll be introduced to Buzz, a JavaScript library for audio control that provides useful tools for dealing with sound in your Lectora projects.

Presenter Bio:

John has worked in instructional technology since 1990, first at Miami-Dade College, then Florida International University, and now at Baptist Health South Florida. John holds a BS in Information Studies from Florida State University.




Mr. John Williford

Instructional Designer
Baptist Health South Florida