Branching Scenarios for Sales Enablement and Beyond


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Branching Scenarios for Sales Enablement and Beyond


Sergey Snegirev, E-learning CTO

Session Objectives:

  1. Introduce concept of branching scenarios, talk pros and cons

  2. Show a real example of scenario-based course developed in Lectora

  3. Present the best ways to avoid excessive complexity and time sinks when developing scenarios



Enabling learners to make decisions in realistic scenarios is key to knowledge retention. It is also one of the best ways to engage your audience. However, authoring and developing a scenario can easily become too complex and time-consuming. Sergey explains how to avoid these problems and develop a scenario on time and on a budget. A real-life Lectora example from a sales enablement course for a retail company will be shown.

The session requires very little knowledge of Lectora and is more instructional design focused than technical. 

Presenter Bio:

Sergey is an e-learning professional and passionate speaker, who dedicated his career to eliminating boring learning from workplaces around the world. Sergey co-founded the award-winning e-learning development company INTEA, where he worked as a CTO and creative director since 2009 and lead the development of over one hundred e-learning projects. He currently serves as CEO of, an innovative branching scenarios platform for instructional designers. He is also an active and helpful participant of the Lectora Community portal.




Sergey Snegirev

E-learning CTO