Basics of Variables, Actions, and Triggers


Lectora User Conference Sessions

Basics of Variables, Actions, and Triggers


Mr. Keith Gallacher, Sr. Instructional Designer

American Red Cross

Session Objectives:

  1. Define a variable and be able to use one in a course
  2. Recognize how triggers, actions, and variables work together
  3. Remember to consider what you want to do and why, before you start to create triggers, actions, and variables 



Learners are not always fans of linear training. They want control; to be able to navigate how and when they want. We cannot always give them this luxury, but often times we can, while still maintaining control of what they see and ensuring they see it all! There are 2 examples that I will demonstrate and teach how to replicate. Both examples are menus, but they work a little differently. The reason I am showing both is to demonstrate the same concept in different ways. Many people are afraid of variables, so I plan to show them a simple way to use them in a very effective way.

Presenter Bio:

With a BA in Organizational Management and well over a decade of training experience, Keith Gallacher has done it all: Manager, Classroom Facilitator, Virtual Facilitator, eLearning Developer, Instructional Designer, Project Manager, Consultant, Change Advocate, and more. Keith was solely responsible for introducing and incorporating video to eLearning in his previous fortune 500 company, and in the process developed an award-winning eLearning course. Lectora is his favorite development tool and last year he convinced his Red Cross team to purchase 3 additional licenses, and then he trained his team (or maybe he should say, is training). Someday, when his three kids get older and he finds free time again, he will resume his hobby of mountain biking.




Mr. Keith Gallacher

Sr. Instructional Designer
American Red Cross