JavaScript Integration for Beginners

Becky Goldberg - Travelers Companies


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time: 2:45 - 3:55

JavaScript Integration for Beginners

Becky Goldberg is a Senior Instructional Designer-Developer at Travelers Insurance, with a decade of experience using Lectora. Responsible for the onboarding and ongoing training of an operations staff of over 1500 in the highly sensitive financial sector, Becky has a knack for leveraging available resources in creative and inventive ways. Her passion is reflected by her involvement in the e-Learning community, and she endeavors to deliver high-quality learning products that motivate learners to seek out educational experiences... but really, Becky just loves to build cool things that help people learn.


Breakout Session: JavaScript Integration for Beginners

One of Lectora's great strengths is the ability to extend native options by integrating custom code. This session walks through how Travelers used JavaScript and Lectora to accommodate the best instructional design without compromise. Specific applications include controlling content based on date, determining browser size, and posting content to SharePoint lists. If you're a code dabbler, a JavaScript newbie, a daring developer... you'll leave this session with the information you need to get JavaScript up and running in your title and an appetite to go further.