How the CDC Used ReviewLink to Run a Multi-National Course Pilot

Karen Ngowe - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time: 2:45 - 3:55

How the CDC used ReviewLink to Run a Multi-National Course Pilot

Karen Kanne Ngowe is a specialist in e-learning instructional design serving the Educational Design and Training Services Branch "proposed" of CDC's Division of Scientific Education and Professional Development. She is a co-founder of the CDC e-Learning Work Group, Health Educators & Learning Professionals Community of Practice, and the implementing administrator for CDC TRAIN. Before coming to CDC in 2004, Karen served in the Michigan Department of Community Health Office of Public Health Preparedness as the education and training "Focus G" coordinator and state administrator for the MI-TRAIN learning management system. Karen holds degrees in Vocal Performance and Applied Linguistics/TESOL from Indiana University, as well as Educational Technology, and Educational Administration for Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education "HALE" from Michigan State University.


Breakout Session: How the CDC used ReviewLink to Run a Multi-National Course Pilot

CDC has designed and developed the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) e-learning course in Lectora (v11.3) for WHO-AFRO. The target audience primarily consists of national, regional, and local public health organizations across Africa. Pilot testers from multiple countries, including Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, and Tanzania, were needed to pilot the final draft of the course and to provide comments, corrections, and change requests. Review Link allowed for multi-national asynchronous access to the course while eliminating the need for large downloads and preventing the proliferation of an uncleared draft. The ReviewLink settings allowed us to conduct a pilot by preventing the sharing of comments, grouping reviewers by country, and exporting to Excel for compilation and vetting. This presentation will demonstrate how CDC set up the pilot copy of IDSR and the multiple reviewer groups on Review Link, as well as the export of reviewer comments.