Lectora Online 4.5 Release Notes

Lectora Online 4.5

Released on:  

November 8, 2019

Supported Browsers:

Authoring: Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Published Content: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari


This Lectora Online release includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

  • Text to Speech: generate MP3s for narration and synchronized closed captions
  • Accessibility Enhancement: Screen readers will read initially hidden text when shown
  • Format Painter: Copy style properties from object to object
  • Entry Field Styles:  Apply margins, borders, and border styles
  • Border Rounding: Set square, rounded, or round borders for images, text blocks, and entry fields
  • Zoom: Zoom in or out on the page for more precise designing
  • Collapse the Ribbon Bar: minimize the ribbon to view more of the content area

Issues Fixed:


  • Performance improvements to moving, sizing, rotating and selecting objects across onto and off the page border
  • Autosave will not interrupt some user actions such as moving, sizing, selecting objects
  • Post publish operations like FTP will no longer timeout on larger titles 
  • Delete and arrow keys now work when the publish dialog is open
  • FTP credentials are verified before publishing
  • Refreshed dialogs for a more modern look and feel


  • Text wrapping now works properly across responsive views
  • Fixed text block selection and editing issues


  • Fixed issue were text on buttons was incorrectly overridden on mobile responsive views
  • Fixed undo issues


  • Question creator dialog no longer loses some edits  
  • Fixed issue where drag and drop questions would lose drop zones in lower views


  • Text button names are now included in translation exports


  • Fixed formatting issue with SCORM cmi.interactions, made lowercase per specification
  • Actor objectType now specified when returning the actor in xAPI state and statement messages