Lectora Inspire 11.3 Release Notes

Lectora Inspire 11.3


October 31, 2013

Microsoft Windows

System requirements:
Lectora Inspire 11.2a

Installation instructions:
1. Download the Setup.exe file
2. Double-click the Setup.exe file
3. Follow the on-screen instructions

If you install this on a Windows 8 device, but do not then run Lectora as an Administrator, you may see a warning indicating that the new Status Indicators have not copied over to the Media Library.

This can be caused by your Windows permissions settings. You can verify this by opening the Media Library in Lectora and locating the Status Indicators folder in the Stock Library.


This Service Pack is available for download in the following languages:


New Features:


Flypaper 3.11 Support
Lectora Inspire supports Flypaper 3.11. This includes smoother animations, new advanced button, panel, weather, Twitter and conditional action components, along with enhancements to the image scatter component.


Camtasia 8.1
Lectora Inspire supports Camtasia 8.1. This includes the Remove a Color feature, the crop tool, stitching clips and the copy visual properties feature.


Snagit 11.2
Lectora Inspire supports Snagit 11.2. This includes more capture options, like the OneClick interface, enhanced image captures and sharing to even more destinations.


Tracking object, actions and conditions
With tracking you can account for which chapters, sections and pages that your users have visited and completed. This allows you to know where your users have been within your content. You can automatically display the tracking status within the table of contents and menu objects based on your users’ interactions with content. Status is tracked automatically, and you can also select to add status indicator objects to pages to display tracking information. Additionally, you can execute actions to manually update the completion status of chapters, sections and pages, and you can execute conditional actions that are dependent on the completion status for specific chapters, sections and pages.


Enhanced Transitions
You can apply modern effects to your object transitions. Additionally, you can fade-in images and text, apply a modern fly animation and apply other enhanced transition effects such as elastic and bounce.


UTF-8 Support
Develop and publish content with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other double-byte language text that renders correctly and compactly in a Web browser.


Text Size Tool
Globally increase or decrease the font size for all of the text in a title. This allows you to correct issues caused by opening the title on multiple operating systems with different display settings.


WCAG2 AA Support
You can use Lectora to create titles published to a Web-based format (HTML, CourseMill, SCORM/Web-based, AICC/Web-based) that comply with the standards set in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 – Level AA.





  • Added support for Java’s new stricter Java Applet signing policy.
  • Auto Update is now properly enabled on Windows 8 systems.
  • Session storage for variables has been expanded using HTML web storage when available.
  • X/Y Coordinates in the status bar now update correctly if object’s position is offset from right.
  • Creating a new blank title from the Getting Started screen, after closing an existing title runs smoothly.
  • All Themes and Templates Online can be accessed from the File menu on a 1024×768 PC.
  • Invalid tag resource error when opening a title is resolved.
  • Find and Replace will honor Case Sensitive option.



  • All question types will allow for hard returns in question text.
  • Feedback for questions now written out completely in RTF for translation tool.
  • Correct and Incorrect feedback publish strings function correctly.
  • Feedback appears on current page when viewing in run/preview mode or EXE/CD publish.
  • Rank/Sequence questions now grade correctly when grade each choice option selected.
  • Fill in the blank question with only incorrect feedback included will not always gets displayed.
  • Lectora Online PKG files will import Multiple Response Questions correctly.
  • Translation tool now properly exports Multiple Choice and Rank/Sequence questions with Show Choice in Drop-list option checked.
  • Question answers containing a single single-quote, a single double quote or a trailing backslash run smoothly.
  • Importing a test question that has attempts and then publishing runs smoothly.
  • Cutting and pasting a question into a test and publishing to SCORM runs smoothly.
  • Likert questions with only one answer selected will correctly show in Run Mode.
  • Now able to enter text for Essay and Short Answer Questions imported from CSV Question File.
  • Deleted choices from Rank/Sequence questions do not remain in the answers when published.
  • For Fill in the Blank questions, Incorrect feedback will not be displayed for Correct feedback when only incorrect feedback exists.
  • Can no longer add new hot spots in Hot Spot question with the same Name or without a name.
  • Hot Spot question now has expanded view dialog launcher.
  • Multiple Response questions graded individually now score correctly using Custom Test Results.
  • Number Entry answers are successfully sent to Google Drive in Run Mode.
  • Drag and Drop Question expanded view dialog name is correct.
  • Drag and drop questions will work correctly on iPad and Android.
  • Can change drop zone Width regardless of position for Drag and Drop question.


Tests and Surveys

  • Customized test results run smoothly when using large number of questions.
  • JavaScript error resolved on process test when result submission no longer used.
  • Fixed issues related to Submit to Google Drive.
  • Undo after selecting timed test will now deselect timed test.
  • Added “Edit the new windows properties” icon to Survey properties ribbon.
  • Add Action removed from Custom Test Results properties ribbon to run smoothly.
  • Done button on Survey will take you to the Test if it is placed directly after the Survey.
  • Test with a single Hot Spot now scores the test correctly.
  • Mastery Score is included in IMS Manifest if a scored test is not included in the AU.
  • Lectora runs smoothly when you have a test that inherits a Table of Contents add a Test Section, undo, then redo.



  • Modify Variable actions using Add to Variable now correctly maintain text strings which include leading and/or trailing spaces.
  • On Show action will not trigger for videos and audio that are Hidden (i.e., not visible on page).
  • Run action group within a group runs smoothly in Run Mode.
  • Timer action with delay prevents works correctly in Run Mode.
  • Issues resolved for Menu Item actions.
  • Move action issues resolved.
  • Audio/Video objects with On Click no longer triggers Auto Play.
  • Sub menus will now move when the Menu object is the target of a Move action.
  • Modify Variable Divide function in HTML now rounds rather than truncates.
  • Step Progress action now works correctly across pages.
  • Display Message action will resolve embedded variables when triggered by On Show or On Hide actions.
  • Issues resolved for Resize action on text blocks not converted to image.
  • Resize action on Text Block with Background Color no longer causes crash.


Objects and Text

  • Twitter Widget updated to handle new Twitter API; Search Widget removed.
  • Spacing fixed on numbered and bulleted lists, so multiple lines of text align correctly.
  • JavaScript error fixed for when apostrophes are included in a Document name.
  • Custom image for audio icon in library object now correctly retains image
  • Table of contents will display transparent background even if frameless option is not selected.
  • Hyperlinks can be applied to both single and multiple words.
  • Web Windows using Pages in Title option no longer cause API errors.
  • Menus no longer causes JavaScript error when “Display Page in Pop Up” is selected.
  • IDs of items will not be carried over to a page if not inherited.
  • Name Label on objects no longer disabled when Position/Size locked.
  • Single lines of text with wide characters are now prevented from wrapping on different browsers and devices.
  • Flash players receive focus, so they are successfully displayed on Windows 8 machine (to handle new security update).
  • ASF audio converted to MP4 no longer locks up Lectora on publish if audio was inserted by dragging and dropping file into title.
  • Media file events will no longer fire after changing the file.
  • Audio display now refreshing properly when Display is changed from Controller to Speaker.
  • When using Border Styles other than Flat the text block will look the same in Run Mode and when published.
  • Horizontal menu wider than the page can be switched to vertical without display issues.
  • Timer object issues resolved for visibility, Process Question, Play, Pause and Stop.
  • Timer now honors auto-start in Run and Preview Modes.
  • Progress Bar “Border Weight” label no longer appears disabled.
  • Submit Form to Google Drive in Chrome now works correctly.
  • Additional lines can be entered for an AU description.



  • Removing resources option can be displayed when publishing.
  • Doctype with published titles will no longer cause errors in AChecker.
  • Lectora will now automatically publish all pages when version of Lectora has changed since last publish.
  • Use HTTPS for ReviewLink.
  • Publish to ReviewLink can be cancelled successfully.
  • Crash has been fixed when publishing MP4 with events.
  • Button with empty ALT tag will not be read by JAWS.
  • Media actions (Pause, Play, Toggle, etc.) now work correctly on Chrome when run locally.
  • Background sound now plays when published to EXE or CD.
  • Text that is centered in your text block is no longer altered when published to HTML.


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