Lectora Inspire 11.2

Lectora Inspire 11.2


June 25, 2013

Microsoft Windows

System requirements:
Lectora Inspire 11.1

Installation instructions:
1. Download the .exe file
2. Double-click the Setup.exe file
3. Follow the on-screen instructions

This Service Pack is available for download in the following languages:


New Features:


Publishing to Lectora Express LMS
Lectora® Version 11.2 now supports the new Lectora® Express LMS. The new Lectora Express LMS is an online learning management tool that allows users to recommend and assign content to online viewers. Publishers can enable ratings and guest book settings, run reports and post content to social networking sites, all within Lectora Express LMS.


Tin Can 1.0 Support
Lectora 11.2 also provides support for Tin Can API 1.0. The Tin Can API allows any learning activity be stored as a statement inside a Learning Records Store.





  • Shared media is now displayed successfully in the Media Online library
  • Resizing images and then resetting back to the original size no longer causes crashes
  • Using Menu items with Process Test Action now publishes with no crashes
  • Various Likert question issues, error messages and crashes have been resolved
  • Flash video that has empty resource path now publishes with no crashes
  • Double clicking the Lectora icon in the Start Menu crash issues resolved
  • Undoing addition of Content Frames no longer crashes
  • Undoing a title theme change no longer causes error
  • Switching Page size with a theme applied no longer causes duplicates or missing resources
  • Using Create from Template button after deleting a template no longer crashes
  • Getting Started Dialog now sets the ‘Do not show…’ checkbox value correctly
  • Translation Tool issue when going from V X.6 to V11 is fixed
  • Adding an AU to a title now enables Save correctly
  • Updates to Help documentation – Buttons now direct to correct pages and ASP Script sample is fixed


  • Multiple improvements to adding and editing both new and legacy Likert questions
  • “Grade each choice” option now works correctly for Multiple Response Questions
  • Drag and Drop questions with feedback set to Reset Question no longer resets all questions
  • Hot Spot feedback now updates when “More than one correct answer” is selected
  • Multiple Response Question using ‘Grade Each Choice’ option scores correctly
  • Questions: Line breaks pasted into answer choices no longer break pop-up feedback
  • Lightbox feedback windows will now pop up when using Process Question option
  • Changing existing Multiple Response with listbox to Multiple Choice now updates
  • Importing CSV file outside of a test no longer issues an error message
  • Undoing after editing Hot Spot question now will reset Hot Spots you have moved
  • Inform and enable users to move correct hot spots to the top of z-order (bottom of list)

Tests and Surveys

  • Reset Test action now resets questions locked from exhausting max attempts
  • Reset Test action with no test to point to does not crash once published
  • Button with On Click action set to submit/process test will now carry target over in V11 from V.X
  • Inherited items for Customized Test Results will now persist when title is closed and reopened
  • Timer will now stop at completion of test
  • “Show message when Submitted” lightbox for test submission now waits
  • Selecting GET or POST for custom test submission now works correctly
  • Timed test brought in via library object will now set Behavior property Timed Test
  • Changing the Time property of a timer in a timed test no longer corrupts the timer
  • Default Process Test action on the Done button in a test now functions properly
  • Entry field for student’s name in Survey is no longer pre-populated with “Microsoft” in Run Mode
  • Method drop down no longer visible when Submit to Custom Script dialog is resized
  • Elapsed Time for Timed Test now reports correctly in CGI Results


  • On Done action for videos and audio now trigger once published
  • Swipe Triggers no longer prevent pages with a Table of Contents from loading properly
  • Key Up/Key Down actions now work when using title manager frame
  • Flash command action retains response variable when brought into another title
  • Actions created by legacy button/form action items now use correct IDs
  • Add Swipe trigger on AU
  • Case issues with Tin Can statements are now resolved
  • Swipe action is now compatible with Drag and Drop questions on the page
  • Action with a trigger type of Keystroke that uses Enter as the keystroke now works properly when published

Objects and Text

  • Borders on menus now display correctly when published to HTML
  • Submit Form to Google Drive no longer fails once content is hosted
  • Edit Flash Activities in Stock Library
  • When inserting RSS Feeds and Social objects, the Left-Hand Pane no longer collapses and then expands
  • Timers counting up no longer take an extra second to fire
  • Issue resolved when loading, Included Pages dialog for TOC and TOC Progress Bar
  • Events at the beginning of an MP4 video no longer trigger at end as well
  • Lectora no longer displays “QuickTime Install” message when inserting a non-QuickTime mp4
  • Adding classes to Flash object does not break HTML element


  • HealthStream publish option allows MP4 files and no longer causes a Publish Error
  • Text Line Height Spacing issues improved for Internet Explorer 7
  • HTML names now match what you see in Lectora and what is published

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