Lectora 12: Guide to “Publish for Offline Use”


Lectora 12: A Guide to “Publish for Offline Use”

In Lectora 12, we’ve introduced a new publishing option: Publish for Offline Use. This option is similar to the Publish to CD-ROM and Publish to Executable File options from previous versions of Lectora in that it produces files that can be run without an Internet connection. However, the difference is that Publish for Offline Use produces web-based files. 

With Lectora 12.1, you can choose to create a zip file or an executable file to distribute your course.

The advantage to this new format is the added ability to use Web objects, custom JavaScript, and other HTML-based objects, without requiring learners to access courses from a web server. Because the published content uses HTML, it more accurately matches content that you publish to the web. However, the content will run from your learners' computer rather than a web server. Further, you won't need to worry about browsers installed on your learners’ machines, as your course will be launched and run by the Lectora Viewer.

An added advantage to Publish for Offline Use is that you can build the same title once publish it multiple ways – for offline use and for the web. Whether you are distributing the published title to learners or sharing with colleagues for internal review, this will save you the effort of having to remove any web-based content.


To publish for offline use:

  1. Select Offline from the Publish menu. You can find this on the Home ribbon, or your Quick Access toolbar.
publish menu
  1. Lectora will go through the standard error check. Select Publish to select your Offline Options, and choose whether to create a zip or executable file.
  1. Click OK to continue. By default, Lectora will publish to DocumentsMy Titles<Title Name>offline.
  1. When the publish process is complete, select Preview > Open Published Folder to access your content. To launch your title in a viewer window, double-click on Lectora Viewer.
  1. If you’ve selected to create an executable file, this will be placed within the content folder.
  1. To launch your title in a viewer window, double-click on the executable file.
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