Lectora 12: Known Issues


The issues listed below have been addressed in Lectora 12.0.1. You can access a full list of fixes
and download the update for Lectora Inspire or Lectora Publisher here: http://lectora.com/service-pack-downloads/

Lectora 12 Known Issues 

While the Lectora team works to get an update out soon that will resolve many reported issues, you can find these listed below. If you have questions, or you are experiencing any problems not listed here, please contact support. We’ll do our best to update this page with additional issues as necessary. 

Legacy Titles (titles built in Lectora 11)

  • 3-frame GIF Buttons in titles built in Lectora 11 do not load resources correctly in Lectora 12, resulting in "empty" buttons.


  • A Table of Contents with a Tree View type is blank in Edit mode when the scope is set to "Assignable Unit".
  • If you delete an object that is the target of an action, Run/Preview mode will display errors.
  • External HTML using server-side scripting does not work in Run/Preview Mode.
  • The X and Y values in the status bar don't dynamically update as an object is moved on the page.
  • Customized radio buttons using an image file don't appear in Edit mode.
  • Cannot delete a cell, row or column from a table.
  • De-selecting "Always on Top" ​for an object ​will not save when ​the ​title is reopened.


  • In Internet Explorer 8, text may appear pixelated or fuzzy.
  • On European machine, or a machine using a locale set in this fashion, the Reflections and Shadow effect on objects cause a JavaScript error.
  • Lines with attached actions cannot be clicked/selected.
  • Visible focus indicators (used with Web Accessibility Settings) are not displayed for transparent buttons.
  • Images that have been flipped and rotated may have an off-centered reflection
  • Status indicators should have the aria-label updated with the current status for 508/WCAG accessibility.


  • Lectora crashes when using "Save As" on a title with a button that has an altered state color.
  • Lectora will crash when using the Photo Album wizard and selecting to add a caption to a jpg or png image.
  • Lectora will crash when entering Run or Preview mode with a Set State action that is missing a target.
  • Lectora will crash if you add a text style from the Button States dialog.