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Lectora University How‑To Courses

Get up and running quickly with how‑to and self‑guided courses for e‑Learning development

How-To Course: Click and Learn Lectora

Take a trip and learn to use the Lectora interface. Use this self‑paced e-learning course - built with Lectora - to learn the features available in Lectora. Begin your tour with the Lectora Flight Plan and earn a stamp on your passport as you complete each leg. When your passport is full, you’ll be ready to embark on your own development with Lectora!

How-To Course: Creating Content for Tablets - A Designer’s Guide

Creating content for tablets is not much different from creating content for traditional computers and laptops. However, there are several design guidelines that will help you along the way, and keep you from doing any unnecessary troubleshooting. Run this guide from a tablet such as an iPad, and you’ll learn what to avoid and what to embrace when creating your own tablet‑friendly content.

Version: Lectora V11

How-To Course: Developing Accessible Content in Lectora

Web accessibility is an important part of the development process that should be considered with your initial course design. In this course, you will learn specific methods and examples to help you create accessible content. Discover the steps you can take in Lectora to further ensure that your title meets the Section 508 requirements as well as conformance Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Version: Lectora V11

How-To Course: Move To & Size To Actions

Move To and Size To actions in Lectora can easily bring life to your titles. These actions allow you to change the position and/or resize objects on a page. In this course you will learn how to create the Move To and Size To actions to enhance interactivity within your course.

Version: Lectora X

How-To Course: Signposts & Breadcrumbs

Signposts and Breadcrumbs are small references to the current and/or previous location in your title, such as the name of a Chapter, Section, or Page. This helps the learner internally organize the information and retrieve knowledge. In this course, you will learn how to use Lectora’s Reserved Variables to create Signposts (“You Are Here”) and Breadcrumbs (“You Were Here”).

Version: Lectora X

How-To Course: Progress Bars

Progress Bars can be used for a variety of different purposes in a Lectora title. From basic Progress Bars designed to indicate student progress through a course or chapter, to revealing graphic images, Progress Bars are limited only by your imagination. In this course, you will learn to create Progress Bars using the title’s pages, a specified amount of time, or your own criteria.

Version: Lectora X

How-To Course: Menus

Menus are typically used for navigation to the Chapters and Sections within a title. But Menus can also be used creatively for organizational charts, decision trees and questions. In this course, you will see a variety of uses for Menus. You will learn how to create a Menu and determine its appearance; selecting the layout, as well as the Menu’s text and background colors, images, highlights, separators and borders.

Version: Lectora X

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