Connecting to the Saba Repository through a Proxy Server

If your network uses a proxy server to make Web connections or if your Saba Inspire computer is not on the same internal network as the Saba application host, you may need to configure Saba Inspire to connect through a proxy server to the Saba repository.

To connect to the Saba repository through a proxy server:

  1. On the File ribbon, click Preferences.

    The Preferences window opens.

  2. Click the Saba Repository side-tab.

  3. In the Proxy Server box, enable the Use Proxy Server check box. The Proxy Address and Secure Proxy fields are enabled. In Proxy Address field, type the required proxy server address.

  4. If the server uses a secure proxy channel, select the Secure Proxy check box. The Username and Password fields are enabled.

  5. In Username, type the user name.

  6. In Password, type the password for authentication.

  7. Click OK to save the settings.

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