Submitting test, survey, and form results to Google Drive

You can enable the Publisher to submit test, survey, and form results directly to Google Drive, Google's online storage system. Additionally, templates are available online for submitting test or survey results to Google Drive.

Lectora Test/Survey Submission

Lectora Test/Survey Submission - Anonymous

Lectora Form Submission

To locate the online templates:

  1. Select the link for the appropriate form.

  2. Select Make a copy to create a copy of the form in your Drive account.

  3. Select to preview the live form.

  4. Copy the link in the address bar from the live form, that will be the link used in the Publisher.

  5. Paste this URL as the value requested in the Publisher in the Google Drive Form URL field in the Settings for submitting to Google Drive (described below).

  6. When you ready to see the results, click View responses.

To custom-configure results to be submitted directly to Google Drive:

  1. Open the Properties for the test, survey, or form.

  2. For tests, enable the Custom Results Submission check box in the Results Submission group on the Results ribbon. For surveys, enable the Custom Results Submission check box in the Results Submission group on the Behavior & Results ribbon. For forms, enable the Submit Form check in the Data Submission group on the Properties ribbon.

  3. Select Google Drive in the Submit To field.

  4. Click Settings to specify the Web address for the Google Drive document.

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