Using the Ace editor

Ace is the code editor embedded within Lectora Online. It provides the features and performance of today's native editors, such as syntax highlighting for over a hundred languages, selecting from several themes, code folding, an API, and much more. Refer to this section for tips to improve your experience using Ace.

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Ace provides the following keyboard shortcuts to streamline the coding process.

Default keyboard shortcuts

Refer to the following default keyboard shortcuts when using Ace.

Line operations

Action Windows/Linux Mac
Remove line Ctrl-D Command-D
Copy lines down Alt-Shift-Down Command-Option-Down
Copy lines up Alt-Shift-Up Command-Option-Up
Move lines down Alt-Down Option-Down
Move lines up Alt-Up Option-Up
Remove to line end Alt-Delete Ctrl-K
Remove to linestart Alt-Backspace Command-Backspace
Remove word left Ctrl-Backspace Option-Backspace, Ctrl-Option-Backspace
Remove word right Ctrl-Delete Option-Delete
Split line --- Ctrl-O


Action Windows/Linux Mac
Select all Ctrl-A Command-A
Select left Shift-Left Shift-Left
Select right Shift-Right Shift-Right
Select word left Ctrl-Shift-Left Option-Shift-Left
Select word right Ctrl-Shift-Right Option-Shift-Right
Select line start Shift-Home Shift-Home
Select line end Shift-End Shift-End
Select to line end Alt-Shift-Right Command-Shift-Right
Select to line start Alt-Shift-Left Command-Shift-Left
Select up Shift-Up Shift-Up
Select down Shift-Down Shift-Down
Select page up Shift-PageUp Shift-PageUp
Select page down Shift-PageDown Shift-PageDown
Select to start Ctrl-Shift-Home Command-Shift-Up
Select to end Ctrl-Shift-End Command-Shift-Down
Duplicate selection Ctrl-Shift-D Command-Shift-D
Select to matching bracket Ctrl-Shift-P ---


Action Windows/Linux Mac
Add multi-cursor above Ctrl-Alt-Up Ctrl-Option-Up
Add multi-cursor below Ctrl-Alt-Down Ctrl-Option-Down
Add next occurrence to multi-selection Ctrl-Alt-Right Ctrl-Option-Right
Add previous occurrence to multi-selection Ctrl-Alt-Left Ctrl-Option-Left
Move multicursor from current line to the line above Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Up Ctrl-Option-Shift-Up
Move multicursor from current line to the line below Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Down Ctrl-Option-Shift-Down
Remove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to next Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Right Ctrl-Option-Shift-Right
Remove current occurrence from multi-selection and move to previous Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Left Ctrl-Option-Shift-Left
Select all from multi-selection Ctrl-Shift-L Ctrl-Shift-L

Go to

Action Windows/Linux Mac
Go to left Left Left, Ctrl-B
Go to right Right Right, Ctrl-F
Go to word left Ctrl-Left Option-Left
Go to word right Ctrl-Right Option-Right
Go line up Up Up, Ctrl-P
Go line down Down Down, Ctrl-N
Go to line start Alt-Left, Home Command-Left, Home, Ctrl-A
Go to line end Alt-Right, End Command-Right, End, Ctrl-E
Go to page up PageUp Option-PageUp
Go to page down PageDown Option-PageDown, Ctrl-V
Go to start Ctrl-Home Command-Home, Command-Up
Go to end Ctrl-End Command-End, Command-Down
Go to line Ctrl-L Command-L
Scroll line down Ctrl-Down Command-Down
Scroll line up Ctrl-Up ---
Go to matching bracket Ctrl-P ---
Scroll page down --- Option-PageDown
Scroll page up --- Option-PageUp


Action Windows/Linux Mac
Find Ctrl-F Command-F
Replace Ctrl-H Command-Option-F
Find next Ctrl-K Command-G
Find previous Ctrl-Shift-K Command-Shift-G


Action Windows/Linux Mac
Fold selection Alt-L, Ctrl-F1 Command-Option-L, Command-F1
Unfold Alt-Shift-L, Ctrl-Shift-F1 Command-Option-Shift-L, Command-Shift-F1
Fold all Alt-0 Command-Option-0
Unfold all Alt-Shift-0 Command-Option-Shift-0


Action Windows/Linux Mac
Indent Tab Tab
Outdent Shift-Tab Shift-Tab
Undo Ctrl-Z Command-Z
Redo Ctrl-Shift-Z, Ctrl-Y Command-Shift-Z, Command-Y
Show the settings menu Ctrl-, Command-,
Toggle comment Ctrl-/ Command-/
Transpose letters Ctrl-T Ctrl-T
Enter full screen Ctrl-Enter Command-Enter
Change to lower case Ctrl-Shift-U Ctrl-Shift-U
Change to upper case Ctrl-U Ctrl-U
Overwrite Insert Insert
Macros replay Ctrl-Shift-E Command-Shift-E
Macros recording Ctrl-Alt-E ---
Delete Delete ---
Center selection --- Ctrl-L

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