Submitting test, survey and form results to CGI

You can enable the program to submit test, survey, form results and variable data to a server-side, CGI program that can then write the information to a file or database. All information for test and surveys, including the user's name and email address, test questions, test answers, and scores is submitted, enabling you to manage user results from your titles more efficiently and effectively.

All data communicated to the CGI program are reported as name/value pairs:

Use the following information to help you design a script to process output. Combining the information offered here with the expertise of your database manager and IT or ISP staff; you should be able to develop an effective connection between the program and your database.

A programmer knowledgeable in server-side scripting and database integration over the Internet/Intranet should perform the integration between the program and the database. If you have questions about the information contained here, contact the Trivantis Support team.

The following are examples of scripts that you can use when creating your custom CGI scripts.

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For titles published to the Web, the script must reside on the same server as the published title content. Cross-domain scripting is forbidden within Web browsers.

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