Freebie Friday: Flowchart Interaction With Visited State Buttons

header graphic flowchart

Did you know? You can build a flowchart interaction in your eLearning using only native Lectora® and Lectora Online shapes and text buttons. Flowcharts are a great visual way to show how a process works—and with Lectora’s button states you can even make your flowchart interactive.

flowchart graphic

In a recent Trivantis® webinar, Jane Hart, Founder of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, lists interactive flowcharts as a great option for performance support. “Perhaps it could light up the path in a particular way as they work through the flowchart,” says Jane. “So I think it’s open to a lot of imagination and interest to creating these resources so they really are of value to people, so perhaps not just provide them with a static flowchart… but really offering a lot of opportunity and guidance.”

While a true “visited” state for native Lectora buttons is still in the works, this free downloadable interaction demonstrates one way to show that a piece of information has already been shown, or that a button has already been clicked. Each button group contains two buttons representing “visited” and “unvisited” states. When the “unvisited” button is clicked, the “visited” button is shown and the “unvisited” button is hidden.

Head over to the Trivantis Community to download this free flowchart interaction for Lectora and Lectora Online!

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