Telfort Case Study

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As an expanding Dutch mobile communications company, frequently rolling out new products and services for its consumer and business customers, Telfort B.V. needed to find a time-efficient and cost-effective means of updating and training staff on new product offerings. By choosing Lectora from Trivantis as its authoring tool, Telfort was able to create online training courses and reduce the time of bringing customer-facing staff up to speed on a new product from five weeks to one week.

“This reduction in training time has significantly reduced our costs”

Mariëtte Braaf is one of six trainers at Telfort in charge of training staff on its products and services. She is impressed with how much time the company is saving by using Lectora. “Thanks to Lectora we can now complete training across the company within a week and without needing to take employees away from their desks. This reduction in training time has significantly reduced our costs. The focus now is mostly on time efficiency.”

Telfort started using Lectora in September 2006. The company has now implemented a blended solution, using eLearning for almost all product training, while still undertaking more traditional methods when needed. Along with updating current staff about new products, eLearning is used for the induction of new staff. The company, which is a subsidiary of Royal KPN, is expanding to form a new Internet brand that will bring total headcount up from 500 to 700. Hence, the ability to train new staff quickly is essential. “You can train bigger groups of people in less time, and use the time you save to do more coaching or monitoring or individual sales training,” she says.
“What would take three hours to teach in the classroom, can be taught via Lectora within 30 minutes”

Mariëtte finds the eLearning model that Lectora offers much quicker than classroom training. “What would take three hours to teach in the classroom, can be taught via Lectora within 30 minutes, since it allows employees to learn in their own space and time, accelerating their ability to learn.”

Telfort looked at five different training solutions before deciding to implement Lectora. It chose Trivantis’ authoring software because it is easy to use, allows staff to use their own creativity and because it was a proven name in the field. Trivantis also offered excellent support in setting the system up and learning to use it.

Lectora now plays a very important role at Telfort in training and keeping staff up to date. “Not only are staff across the company trained more regularly, but the training they do is much more engaging and meaningful.”

“We are on the brink of a learning revolution with these products. We are testing their strengths in delivering quality and volume.” Employing Lectora and CourseMill is helping the Government to achieve one of its key visions: to become a global leader in Public Sector ICT.