P&G Case Study

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Procter & Gamble is a renowned multi-national manufacturer of family, personal and household care products. The company markets approximately 250 brands to nearly five billion consumers in over 130 countries.

Procter & Gamble employs more than 100,000 people worldwide. Each year, P&G trains its employees about their hundreds of different brands, policies and more. Paying for employees to travel to take part in training sessions is highly expensive and forces employees to be out of the office and factories for days or weeks at a time.

Procter & Gamble knew that providing online courses would save P&G hundreds of thousands of dollars in both travel and lost time. With this thought in mind, P&G set out to find an authoring tool that was powerful, yet easy to use, and that integrated with Saba, P&G’s Learning Management System.

eLearning experts at P&G compared Lectora, Trivantis’ flagship authoring tool, with other tools. When comparing Lectora with Dreamweaver®, for example, they found that Dreamweaver® has a steep learning curve and requires sophisticated coding in order to communicate via AICC to score assessments. This presented a significant barrier to self sufficient authoring for average people. After evaluating all their options, P&G selected Lectora.

“Lectora is simple, easy to use, publishes to SCORM and AICC requirements and integrates seamlessly with our Learning Management System. Lectora was the first tool to demonstrate it scored with our LMS,” said a P&G representative. “Choosing Lectora was a smart decision for ease of use, rapid development and many other reasons.”

Procter & Gamble saved millions of dollars in training costs by utilizing Lectora to develop and deliver courses.

P&G’s Virtual University has used Lectora and Trivantis’ Custom Development Services team for three years. P&G noted that Lectora has saved the company millions in training and knows that it will continue to do so. “Because Lectora is fast and easy to use, P&G is able to educate our employees at the speed of business and the rate of change,” said a P&G representative.

The company saves more than $75.00 per person and is 30% more efficient at delivering training because of Lectora.

In fact, P&G has successfully trained more than 150,000 students with courses created in Lectora. The company saves more than $75.00 per person and is 30% more efficient at delivering training because of Lectora. In addition, Trivantis’ Custom Development Services team has created more than 60 custom training courses for P&G, which has played a major role in the success of its eLearning initiatives.