Meijer Case Study

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Meijer is a retail supercenter offering a full line supermarket plus over 40 other departments including fashion, automotive, home decor, health and beauty care, pharmacy, electronics, pets and more. Meijer stores are open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year.

Currently, Meijer has 181 stores and nearly 60,000 team members in five states.

Meijer caught on to the eLearning boom early and has been creating online courses on a variety of topics for a number of years. Initially, they outsourced most of their course development. They then obtained a basic course development tool and started building some of their own courses. After using the tool for a few years, the Meijer team was looking to expand their capabilities. “The tool was good, but it wasn’t meeting all our needs, particularly from an interactivity perspective. We knew we needed to step it up a notch,” said Bob Klooster, Technology Development Specialist at Meijer.

Klooster and his team began researching alternative authoring tools. “We didn’t have the luxury of time. We needed something that had a reasonable learning curve to allow us to begin creating new courses and converting older courses immediately.”

In addition, Meijer also had several legacy courses which they created in a tool set that was originally designed to develop CD-ROM’s. “The product is essentially obsolete and the courses are difficult to update. We needed a tool that could carry us forward and that offered a simple conversion path”, said Klooster.

After reading about Lectora by Trivantis in trade magazines and talking with a Trivantis sales representative, Klooster decided that Lectora was just the tool that Meijer needed. “We did our homework on authoring tools and the name ‘Lectora’ just kept popping up everywhere,” said Klooster. “It was apparent that Trivantis clients were satisfied with Lectora.”

He noted that he especially likes the book and chapter structure in Lectora. “It’s easy to navigate and makes everything within a course more organized.”

While Klooster and his team have not yet utilized all of the advanced features in Lectora, they are discovering new and different features each time they create a course. “We love the fact that each time we create something new, we learn a new trick or find a new feature. It makes using the tool fun and interesting,” said Klooster.

The Meijer training department has only been using Lectora for four months and already more than 40,000 Meijer employees are being tested and trained on courses that were created in Lectora.

Within just two to three weeks, Meijer created and published two courses to its learning management system known as Pathlore. “We were able to create courses quickly because the tool was easy to learn and easy to use.”

Currently, the Meijer training department has been using Lectora for only four months and already more than 40,000 Meijer employees are being tested and trained on courses that were created in Lectora.

Meijer is currently converting a large number of courses to Lectora. Klooster noted that he is aware of other large companies who are doing the same and hopes to have the conversions completed soon.