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Education Publisher Standardizes on CourseMill and Lectora

When LinguiSystems, an international publisher of educational materials for speech therapists, started researching learning management systems and authoring tools, it quickly became clear that there was only one place to turn. Their objective was to transition selected content from their library of print-based materials to digital, interactive online training. Their solution? LinguiSystems chose to standardize on two Trivantis products, CourseMill® LMS and Lectora® e-Learning software.

The customer-focused company, founded by speech-language pathologists, wanted to be able to offer interactive educational materials, including apps, digital downloads, online practice modules and games, to their clients in Speech and Language, Special Education, Autism and Adult Rehab markets. The company also offers skill-based assessments that speech-language pathologists use to determine if a person is eligible for special education services that address articulation disorders, language disorders, social skills deficits and other developmental needs. LinguiSystems wanted to make an online, interactive version of these assessments.

In order to do this, LinguiSystems needed an e-Learning technology partner with the resources and capacity to develop and maintain a hosted learning management system (LMS) that would allow their customers to purchase e-Learning modules to use with students on their caseloads and track cumulative progress. And they needed an easy-to-use authoring tool to create those e-Learning modules.

Paul Johnson, Editor-in-Chief at LinguiSystems, was in charge of the project. He thoroughly explored the different LMS and authoring tools on the market. His wish list included:

  • A customizable, commercial LMS that’s scalable and flexible
  • The ability to quickly transform and create e-Learning courses from years of paper-based educational materials
  • Collaborative authoring software that would allow him to bring in several subject matter experts without prior programming experience
  • A powerful authoring tool that publishes sophisticated output
  • An LMS that accommodates a high number of users and delivers online training seamlessly
  • Reliable customer service and expert e-Learning technical support

Johnson had used Lectora e-Learning software in the past and knew from experience that it would be a great fit for his current needs. All he needed to do then was select a learning management system.

Why LinguiSystems Chose CourseMill

LinguiSystems researched a variety of learning management systems, including CourseMill LMS, Moodle and a completely custom-designed LMS from another provider. Here’s how they stacked up:

CourseMill LMS
CourseMill LMS—the ultimate choice for several reasons:

  • Customizable
  • Easily scalable
  • Allowed for quick implementation
  • Excellent support team
  • Affordable

Johnson saw distinct advantages to using CourseMill instead of Moodle. With CourseMill, Johnson could fully customize his LMS without needing a dedicated programmer, which he would need in order to customize Moodle equally as much. Without someone with advanced programming skills on your team, “it still looks like Moodle no matter what you do,” said Johnson.

Custom LMS
The last option LinguiSystems considered, purchasing a custom LMS built from the ground up, proved to be extremely cost-prohibitive.

As the last stage of his research, Johnson traveled to Cincinnati to meet with the CourseMill team before making the final purchase decision.

“It was nice to be able to sit down and talk face-to-face with the people that were going to collaboratively help and work on the project. That clinched it to tell you the truth,” he said.

A Great Result with CourseMill

Johnson worked closely with the CourseMill support team to create a custom-branded learning management system called TheraLink for LinguiSystem’s customers to use.

LinguiSystems TheraLink Image

The process was extremely collaborative. “Turnaround time on requests and questions was consistently really good. Communication was always open, and I never felt like I was being forgotten in the process,” said Johnson.

Johnson’s goal is to provide a robust library of products to customers by the end of 2013. He feels confident that they will come close to hitting his production goals using Lectora as the authoring tool.

“The tools we chose were absolutely the right ones for our goals. The CourseMill LMS has worked out very well for our customers so far. They’ve been able to use the system without needing a lot of technical assistance, which is great,” said Johnson. “The products live up to what Trivantis says they’re going to be. From all the research I did and from the service end to the ease of implementation, I would recommend them to others.”

From a short-term, ease-of-use perspective, LinguiSystems is already pleased with their decision to standardize on CourseMill LMS and Lectora e-Learning software, and they are looking forward to the future.

As one of the first to offer interactive, online resources, LinguiSystems is a leader in their field. The company anticipates a strong long-term ROI on the work they’ve done with Lectora and CourseMill LMS.