How MPHI Saved Time and Streamlined Reporting With CourseMill

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How MPHI Saved Time and Streamlined Reporting With CourseMill

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The Michigan Public Health Institute, or MPHI, is a non-profit institute dedicated to improving public health through the use of state-of-the-art community health practices. They have been using CourseMill® as their learning management system (LMS) since 2012 and have its Advanced Reports feature too. MPHI also uses Lectora® with Responsive Course Design™ and ReviewLink™.


Before moving to CourseMill, MPHI was using an old LMS that was very rigid and had limited functionality and reporting options. For their users, it required a lot of extra clicks and steps to locate a course and then launch it.

Laurie Taylor, MPHI Training and Development Manager, was the primary decision maker in the search for a new LMS. During their search, they looked at over 1,000 learning management systems. A team of 5 people reviewed the top choices, scoring and rating them—in the end, CourseMill won.

When they moved to CourseMill in 2013, MPHI started with 4 instances. (As of 2016, they no longer host one of the original 4 instances.) In 2015, they added a new instance for one of their clients, MI Health Link. A healthcare option for Michigan adults enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid, MI Health Link offers medical and behavioral health services, pharmacy, home and community-based services, and nursing home care.

Because MI Health Link gets federal funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), they needed their own easy-to-use LMS, a custom login screen, and a customized “New User” registration page to capture specific demographic information from learners. They also needed advanced reporting capabilities that would allow those identified as reporters to pull course completions and other information.

“We looked at over 1,000 learning management systems… and CourseMill won.” – Laurie Taylor, MPHI


MPHI chose to implement another instance of CourseMill with Advanced Reports for MI Health Link.

Customized MI Health Link Login Screen

Customized MI Health Link Login Screen

Jane Erwin, MPHI Online Course Developer Level 3, said, “It was a super nice transition. The courses went right from Lectora into CourseMill. We had to do additional steps to get courses into our previous LMS.”

MPHI was able to customize the CourseMill login screen and the “New User” registration page for MI Health Link. They even used Lectora to do that customization themselves. The custom “New User” registration page provided options for learners to choose their region and associated Integrated Care Organization, which were crucial for reporting and data purposes. This also gave the login screen a custom, branded look that was much different than the standard out-of-the-box login screen.

With CourseMill’s Advanced Reports, MPHI was able to create a wide range of custom reports. “Before Advanced Reports, we would just run monthly completions and reviews and provide quarterly reports,” said Jane. “Reports can get really bulky, and with Advanced Reports, it’s a whole lot easier to narrow them down.”


“Reports can get really bulky, and with Advanced Reports, it’s a whole lot easier to narrow them down.” – Jane Erwin, MPHI


Advanced Reports allowed MPHI to save valuable time that was once spent on reporting. Now, they can assign external customers as reporters and Advanced Reports automatically sends those reporters an email each month—an “invaluable timesaver,” according to Jane. MPHI currently has 54 different reporters. “It decreases our workload here because the functionality is much more intuitive in Advanced Reports, so our reporters as external customers have a lot more control over what they can see and do,” said Jane. “We’ve been really happy with what we can provide for them.”


Before using CourseMill, creating out-of-the-box reports would take a full 2 days for the MPHI team. With Advanced Reports, they were able to enter specific dates beforehand, so it only took 1 hour to create the reports—and only 3 total hours from start to finish.

Customized MI Health Link Registration Screen for New Users

Customized MI Health Link Registration Screen for New Users

“It was very labor intensive before Advanced Reports came in,” said Jane. Now, MPHI can easily train reporters on how to use Advanced Reports and how to schedule their own reports. So far, they’ve created 53 custom Advanced Reports.

CourseMill also made navigation easier for administrators AND learners. “From an admin perspective, it’s quite easy to manage, intuitive, and easy to use,” explained Laurie. “From a learner’s perspective, now learners can log right in and see their courses.”

“With CourseMill, you’re never more than 1 or 2 clicks away from the information you need as an end user,” said another team member on the project, Cory Lammers, MPHI Online Course Developer Level 3. MPHI currently has 57,068 registered users for their 74 courses.

Quick, helpful product support from the Trivantis team was another benefit. “With Trivantis the support is better [than with our previous LMS],” said Jane. “If we need something, our folks can reach out and get a response very quickly.”


“With Trivantis, the support is better.” – Jane Erwin, MPHI


Cory agreed. “It’s nice to know that the tools are all speaking the same language.”

Using both CourseMill and Lectora proved to be an all-around timesaver for MPHI. “Using both CourseMill and Lectora makes our jobs easier,” said Jane. “It does take less time because we don’t have to do extra steps.”


“Using both CourseMill and Lectora makes our jobs easier.” – Jane Erwin, MPHI

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