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LUC 2016 Workshop Recap: Sneaky Tricks to Quicken QA, Facilitate Feedback, and Create an Elegant UX

In one of the hands-on workshops at the 2016 Lectora® User Conference, John Mortenson, Manager of Online Learning for The Fresh Market, demonstrated the bright idea of using sneaky tricks while developing in Lectora to quicken your quality control process, facilitate feedback, and create an elegant user experience. In the session he explained how to…

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How to Style Entry Fields in Lectora Using CSS

Styling can really make a project stand out. But new developers might not realize how unlimited their styling options really are. Take, for instance the Entry Field. Lectora® does not provide a style menu for this object, so at first it seems we can only adjust its size and background color, but is that really all?…

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Lectora Advanced: Creating a Student Notes Feature

Want to increase the interaction between your learners and your course material? Taking notes has long been considered a way to increase engagement and retention. What if your course included a feature that enabled learners to take notes directly inside the course and then print them out later? Open up Lectora® and follow the easy step-by-step instructions below (or steal…

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