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Why a Lectora Online User Should Use GoAnimate

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Today’s guest post is by Victoria Fitoussi from GoAnimate. Thanks, Victoria! Your lesson in Lectora® Online has all of the training essentials: an outline of your course guiding learners through the supplemental materials, such as tests, resource links, and LMS compliant packages like SCORM or AICC. Furthermore, Lectora Online encourages creativity in your training. One…

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How Auto-Owners Insurance Is Using CourseMill and Lectora to Create and Deliver Self-paced Training

Lectora, CourseMill, and Auto-Owners Insurance logos

Non-linear and self-paced eLearning allows learners to have choice and the opportunity to finish training quickly. Recently, I spoke with Zoa Bonofiglio and Andy Lockwood in the training department at Auto-Owners Insurance to hear how they’ve been creating eLearning just like this. The example below is from the virtual training room they created—how cool! Let’s…

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The Best of eLearning in December 2016

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If you’ve been reading the blog the last few weeks, you know Trivantis® has had an exciting December. After a couple of big product releases, the team got to celebrate during our annual holiday party at the Trivantis Headquarters in Cincinnati—where all our dreams of tacos and decorating ninjabread men cookies came true. Here are…

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Lectora Online: Cloud-based Authoring for Docebo Customers

What happens when the authoring tool Lectora® Online and Docebo’s learning management system are integrated via xAPI? Publishing is simplified, so Docebo’s customers can save time. In addition, they have the opportunity for powerful reporting using xAPI. Let’s talk about xAPI for a minute. The xAPI standard (you may have heard it called The Experience…

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SCORM 101 and a Lectora How-To

Updated August 2018 One of the first things I remember Googling after my first encounter with eLearning was SCORM. It was this foreign word that had no meaning to me at the time. How quickly that has changed! This article will take a look at what SCORM is and how it applies to eLearning created…

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Q&A: Using the Flexibility of Lectora for Language Learning

Here at Trivantis®, we love hearing and sharing what our customers are doing with Lectora®. Andrew Lian has been teaching languages since 1971—and he was one of the pioneers of technology-enhanced language learning. Now, Andrew uses Lectora for language learning and loves the flexibility to get creative with JavaScript and HTML extensions: “…The strength of…

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How MPHI Created Mobile-friendly eLearning Using Lectora

  “I was like a kid in the candy store. I had to force myself to go home at the end of the night.” That’s what Jane Boyden at MPHI said about Responsive Course Design™ in Lectora® when I spoke with her for a recent case study. First, some background: the Michigan Public Health Institute…

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Q&A With Trivantis CEO on the Recently Announced Trivantis Acquisition

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Exciting news: Trivantis® has announced that it was acquired by StoneCalibre, a private investment company. What does this mean for you as our customer? For the answer to that, we interviewed Trivantis CEO, Lori Lynne Todd. Q: “What can customers expect from Trivantis now that it has been acquired?” A: “It’s business as usual. Customers…

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Tuesday Tip: Scrolling Images Within Text Blocks

Suppose you have a super tall image—a screenshot of a very long menu, a detailed figure of an engineering process, or perhaps the beanstalk from Jack and the Giant Beanstalk. That last one seems unlikely, but you never know what a client is going to ask for, so it’s good to be prepared! In order…

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Authoring Tools and Lectora Online Q&A

Recently, Lectora® Online was listed in the “5 Top E-learning Content Authoring Tools for Corporate Trainers” by Software Advice. We sat down with the review’s author, Brian Westfall, Senior Market Research Associate, for a Q&A on authoring tools, cloud software, responsive design in mobile training, and more. Q: How does Responsive Course Design™ in Lectora…

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