Want a Head Start? Course Starters Are the Way to Go!


Who’s winning the eLearning development race? Are you in the lead—or are your deadlines beating you? As any time-crunched eLearning developer knows, deadlines can be a formidable opponent. Meet your new running coach: Lectora® Course Starters.

What’s a Course Starter? Oh, just a beautiful designed, cohesive course template that the eLearning Brothers kindly made, so you don’t have to. Need a safety-themed course? A corporate background and style? It’s all in your Course Starter. And if you have Lectora® Inspire 12.1, you can access ALL the eLearning Brothers Lectora Course Starters right inside Lectora.

Here’s how to use Course Starters in Lectora: Ready, Set, Course Starters! Get a Head Start in Your eLearning Race.

Don’t have Lectora Inspire 12.1? Try a 30-day free trial.

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