Variables 101: Learn the Basics and More with Lectora University

Want to easily customize your e-Learning course? Of course you do! And you can—with variables in Lectora® e-Learning software. Variables were a hot topic at the 2014 Lectora User Conference this year. We’re not surprised; they’re what makes Lectora so powerful!

According to conference presenters James Thompson and James Rice, variables play an important role in computer programming. Variables make it easy for anyone to create interactivity—which is one of the cool benefits of Lectora. You don’t need to be a computer programmer to create engaging e-Learning courses because you can use Lectora’s variables!

Some simple uses of variables are quiz questions like true and false or multiple choice. You can also use variables to show the instructor if a learner has visited or answered an item in your course. It’s easy to learn how to use variables in Lectora—even for beginners.

Lectora User Tip: Use the recorded webinars in Lectora University for free, step-by-step instructions on how to use variables in Lectora.

We found a few good recorded webinars to begin with:

Plus, be sure to check out all the other e-Learning development resources in Lectora University like live webinars, how-to courses, whitepapers and more—and they’re all free!

Want to read more about variables? Here’s a great blog post: Just for You! Using Variables in Lectora e-Learning Software.

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