Top 3 Informal Learning Tips

Do your employees struggle to keep up with all the latest trends, new data and constantly changing business information? Today, workers need to be able to learn on demand, as well as to maximize their annual training. Informal learning helps employees stay knowledgeable and ready for industry shifts. Want to initiate more informal learning in your organization? Check out these tips!

  1. Start the trend.If you want your employees to buy into informal learning and feel free to share their ideas, you have to show that you support and encourage discussion and collaboration. Be open and lead by example! Encourage employees to participate in online blogs and weekly forum discussions with their coworkers.
  2. Use a flexible LMS that facilitates social and informal learning.Your LMS needs to be able to facilitate sharing informal learning content and help you determine what the most valuable content is. Look for the ability to see feedback, ratings and comments about your content, in addition to number of views. Seeing these together provides context, so you can gather the whole story about your content. The online LMS, Lectora® Express – The Easy LMS, lets you do all this, plus share content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so the public can access your content too.
  3. Set up performance support systems.Offering performance support is a great way to aid your employees in self-directed informal learning. Mobile learning tools like Lectora® Mobile make it easy for you to offer your employees performance support resources and just-in-time learning that they can access anywhere, anytime, on their own devices. Informal learning accounts for about 70 percent of all learning activity, partially because the need for knowledge can arise quickly and unexpectedly. The key to encouraging this type of informal learning is to make sure resources are always available and accessible. Lectora Mobile helps you do that.

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