Thursday’s Trending e-Learning Topic: The Global Nature of e-Learning

Disney was right—it is a “small world after all.” Or maybe the world just seems small because e-Learning and other technologies—like cloud development—are bringing us closer together.

Training programs are no longer isolated courses delivered in the office conference room and then forgotten. Today an employee in Fargo, North Dakota, could be taking the same training course as an employee in Morocco. And it doesn’t stop there. Those two employees could be sharing ideas through the course discussion board—or even creating new timesaving procedures for your company!

Check out these other ways e-Learning has gone global:

The Cloud

Now you can collaborate and develop e-Learning in the cloud—from your office, the coffee shop or that fancy hotel in Tokyo! Want to know more about the cloud? Check out these articles:


Meeting other e-Learning developers and training experts in person at conferences provides invaluable inspiration and insight.  Plus, conferences give you a great excuse to travel! You can choose from tons of e-Learning conferences, but here are two good ones to get you started:


Today’s smartphone technology is a huge boon for learning and development departments. Employees in the field can access training materials and performance support resources—no matter how far away they are from their home office. Peruse these articles to get an idea of how you can use m-Learning to deliver training to a global workforce.

Lectora Unscripted Webinars

Based in the UK, learning technology expert Simon Birt hosts Lectora Unscripted, a webinar series designed to give YOU the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other Lectora users from all over the world. The Lectora Unscripted series brings together learning experts from the UK, the Lectora headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and many other places across the globe. Check out all of them:

Coming up November 14, 2014:

Past Lectora Unscripted webinars:

Better renew your passport, because it looks like e-Learning will be taking you more places than Carmen Sandiego!

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