The Best of e-Learning in March

This March, we’ve picked our top 10 e-Learning articles for you. Take a look at them, and share your favorites on social!

  1. Books For Learning Designers To Read in 2014
    The eLearning Coach, Connie Malamed, lists her picks for learning design books to read this year.
  2. The Ultimate Checklist for Using Video in e-Learning
    Learn tips for adding engaging, effective video to your e-Learning course.
  3. Learning Games Should Be Part of a Learning Strategy
    Gamification expert Karl Kapp explains why a learning game should be part of a larger learning strategy for an organization.
  4. 6 Memory Tricks to Use on Your Learners
    Try these tricks to help your learners remember the information from your e-Learning course.
  5. Free Lectora Interaction Template
    Use this free Lectora interaction template from the eLearning Brothers to help you create an awesome course.
  6. The Secret to Effective e-Learning Games
    Discover the secret to creating serious e-Learning games from an instructional design perspective.
  7. Great Conference Sessions, Including m-Learning and More
    Get a sneak peek of some of the great sessions at the 2014 Lectora® User Conference in Los Angeles California, April 1 – 3.
  8. Mobile Learning Trends – Personalized Learning Experiences
    Explore how personalized learning experiences and current mobile learning trends can improve training methods.
  9. Social Learning Fear Factor
    Find out how to move past the fears associated with social learning so that your organization can benefit from it.
  10. A simple approach to KM
    Learn about how a simple knowledge management strategy can benefit an organization.

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