The Best of e-Learning in January

Want to know what we’ve been reading over at Your Everything for e-Learning Place? Check out these 10 articles we’ve chosen to share with you this month to provide some e-Learning tips and the latest details on industry trends.

  1. Stop Trying to Formalize Informal Learning!
    Discover the benefits of informal learning in the workplace and how it supplements formal learning.
  2. Gamification Meets Mobile Learning: 4 Best Practices
    Learn tips for combining two of the most popular e-Learning trends.
  3. Introducing Lectora Mobile – Simple and Secure m-Learning
    Deliver and track secure, SCORM-compliant m-Learning content with new Lectora®
    Mobile—online and offline.
  4. 14 Ways to Learn in 2014
    Read this inspirational list of ways to learn online from the eLearning Coach.
  5. Big Learning Data
    Explore the possibilities for big learning data as a powerful tool for learning professionals.
  6. Gaze Into The Future Of E-Learning With Eric Schuermann
    Don’t miss this interview in the “Crystal Balling With Learnnovators” series, featuring Eric Schuermann, Director of Global Sales at Trivantis.
  7. 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Lectora Course More Accessible
    Follow these tips to help you make your e-Learning course more accessible in Lectora.
  8. Announcing Keynote Lectora Power Users Showcase: Diane Elkins, Lisa Jones and Bradley Fredrick
    Get ready for the first-ever Lectora Power Users Showcase at the 2014 Lectora User Conference in Los Angeles, California.
  9. Tips for webinars or virtual training
    Find out how to engage learners in webinar-style online training courses.
  10. 4 Tips for Content Chunking in e-Learning
    Learn the benefits of content chunking and tips for using it to develop effective e-Learning.

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