The Best of e-Learning in February

This February, we combed the internet and selected the best of the best e-Learning content just for you! Take a look at the articles, and let us know which ones were your favorites too.

  1. The Anatomy of Great e-Learning Quiz Questions
    Quiz questions are a vital part of e-Learning content and a great way to assess knowledge acquisition. Check out these tips on crafting the perfect question!
  2. Steal These Social Media Engagement Tricks
    Ever wonder how social media websites waste away so much of your time? Wish you could get your learners that engaged in your course? This blog will show you how to apply social media strategies to your e-Learning!
  3. 5 Tips for Dealing with Distracted and Impatient Learners
    Take a look at these tips that address how learners read online and how to design your e‑Learning, so learners still absorb your content.
  4. Top 3 Informal Learning Tips
    Informal learning is a hot topic! Here are 3 tips on how to make the most of it.
  5. 25 Rules Of Thumb Deemed Important In Instructional Design
    Connie Malamed, the eLearning Coach, delves into instructional design and outlines the most important ID guidelines to keep in mind.
  6. Competition & Cooperation in Gamification
    Gamification expert Karl Kapp shares his thoughts on competition and cooperation for learning within the context of gamification.
  7. 2014 Lectora User Conference Early Bird Rate Ends February 28
    The 2014 Lectora® User Conference, April 1 – 3, in Los Angeles, California, is packed with valuable e-Learning sessions and networking with Lectora users from all over the world! Learn more about taking advantage of Early Bird Registration rates in this article.
  8. Which Video Creation and Editing Tool Is Right for You?
    If you’re considering adding video to your e-Learning, but not sure where to start, this is the blog for you!
  9. How to Crack the Gen Y Engagement Code
    Here are some great tips and tricks for engaging your Generation Y employees, from the right way to communicate to offering professional development help.
  10. How to Negotiate for Better Learning Outcomes
    This Training Magazine article offers strategies for negotiating with the key
    players—management, outside consultants and learners.

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