Performance Support: Insights From Jane Hart


Want to get results with performance support? Just want to know what performance support is and how it can benefit your organization? Jane Hart provided many inspiring examples of types of performance support resources in a recent webinar—and we compiled them in our most recent eBook, Performance Support: Insights From Jane Hart. This free eBook outlines the differences between textual reference guides, textual checklists, different types of flowcharts, and many more great performance support ideas.

Take a look at this flowchart example from the eBook:

“A flowchart provides a visual breakdown of the steps to complete a task. It differs from the simple textual list because it includes branching, which helps users see the actual task—in this case, an example from a course on budgeting.”


For suggestions on how to make a flowchart interactive, plus more performance support examples, and info on measuring results, download the free eBook today.