mLearning to iPad with Lectora Authoring Software and CourseMill LMS

With a fast-paced work schedule that barely allows you enough time to complete your daily checklist, chances are you use a cell phone, laptop, iPad or other mobile device to help you remain on-task and stay connected with co-workers. When choosing mLearning, or “mobile learning” software for the workplace, you need a program that’s just as technologically advanced and fast-paced as your lifestyle. That’s where Lectora comes in. With HTML5 support and dozens of iPhone and iPad templates, Lectora enables users to deploy content to mobile devices with ease. Now, learners on-the-go can access courses on their device of choice from anywhere, anytime.

With the help of three simple steps from Skip Marshall’s article Mobilize! Three Steps for Developing Content for Mobile Delivery in Learning Solutions Magazine, you can perfectly fit Lectora and CourseMill into a new, custom mLearning plan that will give your company or business an edge over competitors and keep you ahead of the game.

1. Evaluate Device Options: Take into account which devices employees currently use, as well as other potential devices that could be used in the workplace. Lectora is the only full-featured authoring tool allows users to publish to HTML5, which allows users to view eLearning content on iPads, iPhones and other Apple products. No matter what types of devices are used within your work environment, eLearning content can be shared easily among co-workers with the help of Lectora.

2. Define User Experience: Both the devices being used and the software you choose affect the overall experience of mLearners in the workplace. Lectora provides users with a variety of resources and components that make workers’ mLearning experience an informative, enjoyable one. For iPad users, Lectora has a collection of pre-made templates for speedy content creation. To keep mLearners engaged, Lectora makes it easy to embed Flash, video and other interactive content into courses, promoting employee participation and keeping workers focused.

3. Identify Special Considerations: Since no two workers learn alike, it’s important to take unique training needs into consideration so that all employees feel taken care of when mLearning. Lectora and CourseMill are AICC and SCORM compliant, ensuring that everyone will have their needs met when sharing eLearning content in the workplace and on-the-go.

With these three simple steps at your fingertips, developing the perfect Lectora mLearning plan for your company or business is not only simple to do, but it will also encourage social learning and will allow for easy content sharing between employees, regardless of time or location.


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