mLearning on the Rise in 2012

When was the last time you went to the airport and did not see someone near you on their mobile device? Mobile has proven to be the fastest growing technology industry in the world and according to a recent study published by The eLearning Guild, mobile learning (mLearning) is changing the way people think, work and socialize today.
The new advancements in mobile technology have given users the ability to access information anytime and anywhere. With the significant increased growth of mobile devices the time is perfect to implement mLearning in to your organization’s e-Learning strategy.
The 2012 eLearning Guild Research Report titled, Mobile Learning: The Time is Now, clarifies that more and more organizations are becoming aware of the value in mobile offerings and see the opportunity to use it to their advantage. Here is a quick look in to the key trends found from this year’s study:
  • 98 percent of people have at least one personal device, signifying mobile is a serious opportunity. The preferred devices have shown a shift over time. Smartphones and tablets have grown in interest, as have e-Readers.
  • The number of people who say they intend to use mLearning continues to increase. In 2010, 45.6 percent say they intended to do more mLearning. In 2012, that figure has increased to 65.7 percent.
  • Employee’s use of mLearning has significantly increased from 21.2 percent from last year to 68.9 percent this year.
  • 47.7 percent of people reported the main barrier of implementing mLearning into their organization was that their existing content would not transfer well to mobile devices.


mLearning plans by yearUse of personal devices for work, 2012
This is just a quick glance at where mLearning is headed.  As mobile continues to dramatically grow and strengthen so do the opportunities for mLearning. For more information about mLearning, stay tuned in to the Everything e-Learning Blog as we take a deeper look into these emerging trends for mobile learning.
For more information on this study visit The eLearning Guild.